You Have to Ask the Right Questions

You Have to Ask the Right QuestionsYou Have to Ask the Right Questions

You have to ask the right questions to get the right answers—from God or from anyone else. And you can’t get the right answers for questions you never ask.

The above is why my Master Spiritual Teacher, the Rev. Dr. Bernice Osman, always emphasized that asking God all the right questions—is as important as receiving all the right answers.

Praying for what you want in life is not surrender to God—unless what you want is to always do God’s Will—and to always help others do God’s Will as well.

But you can’t do God’s Will unless you know what it is—in each and every situation and relationship you encounter—which is why the Keys Teachings emphasize learning and doing daily Receivership.

Double Checking Later is Highly Recommended

It is also why the Keys Teachings tells you that you can’t just set and forget a long range goal that you receive to pursue. On the contrary, double checking down the road is always advisable because people do change their minds; and what was right before may not still be so right given the present circumstances.

For only God within you actually knows the bigger picture at all times. And only God knows when kindness is cruelty and cruelty is kindness at any given time; and relative to any given person you may encounter. And only God knows when people change their minds—which they sometimes do without warning.

So when it comes to prayer, only doing prayers received from God within you at the time—is actual surrender to God.

Only such prayers carry the full power of God behind them; because God can’t score a goal for you, if you don’t give God the ball, and let God call all the plays.

All of the above does not mean that you shouldn’t pray for what you want. But when you do, it’s better to add: “in accord with God’s Will,” because you may not realize that what you’re praying for—is not really good for you at the time.

Your Mission is to Find and Stay on the Right Path

Only wanting and doing as directed by God within you keeps you on the right path to making all of your masteries, to rebalancing all of your karmic debts, and to improving all of your relationships, step-by-step-by step, over time.

Two are one when they only and always affect themselves and others in the exact same way. You are One with God within you when you allow yourself to be guided by God through Receivership, day after day, decision after decision.

Living your life as directed by God within through Receivership is the only way to amplify God’s Power to Create working through you, day after day. Thus it is the only way to become and stay an Empowered Agent of God in the physical.

Since God helps all those who help themselves, and God wants you to ask so you may receive, God helps all those who ask—and especially helps when you ask the questions that God wants you to ask. That’s why surrendering to God through Receivership is always the right and most powerfully beneficial answer.

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