You Can’t Kill Your Way to Heaven

You Can't Kill Your Way to Heaven
You Can’t Kill Your Way to Heaven

There is never a time when killing can earn you a trip to any kind of Heaven. Killing is only legally and karmically defensible when it’s for self-defense or defense of others; and even then, only as a last resort.

Karmic responsibility is inescapable, even if it isn’t always immediate. All that you do becomes part of you. It becomes your inner energy that is eventually felt by those around you, whether they and you realize it or not.

Put two angry people in the same room and you get two people who are each twice as angry as they would be alone. That’s why people do negative things in crowds that they would never do on their own, especially when urged to do so.

When a mugger is looking for a victim, someone carrying negative energy due to past karmic actions is much more likely to be that victim… than someone carrying positive energy due to always acting as directed by God within them.

But Could There Be a Karmic Hell?

Although the Keys work teaches that there is no such place as “hell,” you can create just as hellish of a karmic future for yourself by killing due to¬†religious (or any kind of) intolerance… as you would by killing for power¬†or for money.

Note: If God actually wanted someone dead, there are easier ways for God to make it happen than sending a suicide bomber…

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