Repetition is the Mother of Retention

Repetition is the Mother of Retention
epetition is the Mother of Retention

All learning and re-learning takes repetition. Whether it’s guitar playing, your role in a stage play, computer programming, hitting a baseball, telling a joke, or working on any personality habit that you want to change for the better in life.

You can never break an automatic response to any particular situation (trigger) without deciding on, learning, and then practicing, a better, more acceptable to you, and more doable, replacement response to that particular trigger.

With the right replacement choice, you just need a set schedule that you can keep, and a private place to do your practicing over time. Continue the practice for as long as it takes to make the changes permanent in all daily life situations.

Practice really does make perfect. And, it can be just as easy to create positive habits as negative ones—especially with God’s Support from within in response to your Prayers and Receiverships. Remember—the only failure is giving up.

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