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Pray for the Planet
Prayers for the Planet: History

The first edition of our Prayers for the Planet was written for and used in our first group meeting in 1979. They have been expanded, edited and adapted a number of times since, including for our present 2015 edition.

In 1984, we compiled an Anti-Cold-War Edition, which we stopped working on in 1988 (the Berlin Wall fell in 1989).

After 9/11, we added an Anti-Terrorism Edition. We stopped working on the entire Anti-Terrorism edition in 2009; and rather included Anti-Terrorism prayers in our 2011 and 2015 general Prayers for the Planet editions instead.

All recent Prayers for the Planet editions (except the Anti-Cold-War edition) are posted on this site and may be downloaded, printed and shared for FREE.

Prayers for the Planet: Perspective

All of our Prayers for the Planet versions are non-denominational, thorough, precise and specific. They focus on having you ask God to take charge of, help, correct, and guide—all those who are in roles or positions of personal power, control, leadership, responsibility, and/or authority in all areas of Earth life.

To some, these prayers may seem somewhat exhaustive, but the more specific the prayer, the more power it has. If you needed guidance or healing for your child, you would do better to ask for that specifically than to ask for healing or guidance for all life and then hope that it trickles down to your child in time.

We offer both devotional style prayers, which sound as if you are talking directly to a Loving God with whom you have a personal relationship, and declarative style prayers, which sound as if you are announcing what you want to create to a waiting, impersonal universe of cause and effect.

The edition we use in our Foundation group meetings is the large group devotional style—which is the only form we shall continue to update.

Prayers for the Planet: Practical Issues

Our 2015 Large Group Format edition is the only one we recommend for large, formal meetings. The other editions are better for anyone praying at home, and for smaller groups.

If your group meeting features a group leader who reads each prayer aloud, and then members join in appropriately upon each pause, we recommend that those members use the following Amen Prayer:

Our Amen Prayer: “I join in that and accept that in God’s Most Perfect Way.”