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Pray for the PlanetWhy We Sponsor Prayers for the Planet Groups

If praying for God to take charge of you and to help you become a better person helps make it so—then praying for God to take charge of other people helps to make that so—as well. I know some of this is obvious. But, please bare with me.

Though such prayers may not immediately transform a “sinner” into a “saint,” since God must want us all to be better people, they have to help somewhat.

Since becoming a better person leads to better actions, and thus better karma over time—helping others to become better people leads to better karma for them—and even more so for you—because you’ve helped them become better.

The above is why Praying for the Planet and for all humankind is a win-win situation. It improves everyone’s behavior and karma, at least to some degree.

The following is an explanation of why and how all the above actually works.

Why You Should Pray for the Planet

Expressing your tendency to be generous through gift giving doesn’t remove that tendency from within you. Expressing your tendency towards anger by yelling and demeaning doesn’t remove that tendency from you either.

On the contrary, every time you repeat a tendency, it becomes an even stronger habit. Everything you put out comes back to you… because it never leaves you… it becomes you… and other people can feel it whether they see it or not.

Put two angry people together and you get two people who are each twice as angry as they would be alone. Each is being influenced by their own and by the other person’s anger. That is why people do negative things as part of a crowd, as part of a mob, that they would never do alone.

Since the energy within you can be felt by and often influences those around you, every tendency that you have to act in a particular way may eventually become a karmic magnet to attract like energy from others. Habits can and often do become magnets.

The Power of Group Energy

Put two positive people together and you get two people who are each more positive, and thus more willing and able to help themselves and others through prayer and action, than each would be alone.

Where many are joined, there is greater power to build and support, and to break down and destroy. It depends on the specific nature of the personality habits and the karmic magnets that those who are getting together carry.

It also depends on why the group came together in the first place. Mix certain people, each carrying their own particular positive and negative habits and magnets, and you will get certain incidents that are bound to occur over time.

Unfortunately, most people do not see each’s own mastery over their negative personality habits and karmic magnets as a priority. Even nice people often become intolerant of themselves, if not also of others, from time to time.

That is why most people carry (and thus project) more negative sub-conscious energy (towards themselves and others) than positive sub-conscious energy—all other things being the same.

The above is why it is more likely that when people get together unconsciously that their natural group energy would tend to be somewhat more negative than positive, and thus somewhat more destructive than constructive.

It is also why a person with a karmic magnet to attract an intensely negative event would more likely actually experience that event in a group setting than when alone, all other things being the same, at the time, and over time.

Take Best Advantage of the Group Energy

Either a group joins together with positive intentions and becomes a force for positive change; or it gets together with negative intentions (destructive, self-indulgent) and becomes a force for negative change for themselves and others.

The most positive and constructive that any group can be, in addition to Service as directed by God on the planet, is to do ongoing prayers for themselves and others, and specifically to ask God to:

Take full and complete charge of all of the individuals in the group, all humankind and all life Universally

To disempower, remove and requalify the negative influences (personality habits and karmic magnets) that are within the group, all humankind, and all life Universally

To help each individual, the group and all humankind become more positive, impersonal and receptive to God’s Will, Truth and Direction over time

The Keys to Reality Prayers for the Planet prayers do all of the above.

Besides the specific benefits of the actual prayers themselves, participating in Prayers for the Planet Group Meetings creates more positive karmic magnets within all those who join and within all those you pray for over time. Win-win.

You Can Make a Positive Difference at Home

Even joining together with one (or more) of your friends to ask the Creator to Intervene on the planet as God Knows is needed makes a tangible positive and karmic difference for you, your friends and all those you pray for over time.

Doing so would be like having a mini-Prayers for the Planet meeting. You can and should use the Keys Quick Prayers to create and maintain your ongoing Prayer List—one that has prayers for others and prayers for yourself as well.

Prayers for the Planet Group Meetings, large or small, formal or informal, are the perfect place to change your own and everyone’s karma and experiences for the better over time. “Where many are joined, there is the Power!”

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