Prayer Power is Constantly Being Affected By

Prayer power is constantly affectedPrayer Power is Constantly Being Affected By…

Prayer power is never a reward for loyalty, service, ritual—or for following the many laws and rules commanded by any one of the many different religions that have competed for power and influence on this planet over time. God doesn’t play favorites; not for the benefit of specific groups—or individuals.

Jesus had (and still has) great prayer power—not because He was the Son of God, Beloved of the Creator. Rather, it was because He always acted like a Son of God—and only said and did as directed by God within Him—no matter what.

The most powerful prayers are those suggested by God within you because they are guaranteed to correctly benefit all those involved in the situation. The most prayer-powerful people are those who consistently ask God to take charge of them; and to help them do the right thing for themselves and others over time.

If God wants you to ask so you may receive your rent money, God also wants you to ask so you may receive guidance on all of your choices and decisions in all areas of life. Not so God can be the boss. But so God can help you become and stay the best and most karmically correct person you can be—for all time.

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