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Our Mission - BoddhisattvaOur Mission:

The Keys to Reality Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt, public, educational foundation. This website is dedicated to supporting the creation and expansion of Prayers for the Planet Groups in the United States and around the world.

It will also provide free access to the previous Foundation newsletters in PDF form, each of which contains many spiritual quotes, and at least one featured article on an important spiritual subject—such as meditation, enlightenment, prayer, and the development of a personal relationship with God within you.

The Keys to Reality is a non-denominational, spiritual teaching that respects all religions. It supports personal spiritual growth and inner peace. It teaches that even if some beliefs may be worth dying for—none are ever worth killing for.

For a deeper understanding of the Keys Teachings, prospective students should review the past Keys Insight and KeysNews newsletters posted on this site.

Prospective students should also review the Key Beliefs of The Keys to Reality Teachings posted on Allan’s Keys Insight blog which will keep being updated with his Latest Insights on the Keys Teachings over time.

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