Love Yourself for Your Effort, Not Your Results

Love Yourself for Your Effort, not Your ResultsLove Yourself for Your Effort, Not Your Results

You can’t drop 60 pounds in 60 minutes. You can’t become a champion golfer on your first day with a club in your hands. And you can’t master a life-long anger problem in your first 30 minute meditation.

Urgency never helped anyone master anything; neither has passivity. The trick is to apply the perfect balance and timing in every situation—which only God within you can and will guide you into doing—through your Receivership.

Positive change takes time. Permanent positive change requires a commitment to replacement habits that you schedule and practice; or the old ones will keep coming back whenever you’re not paying attention.

Once you have the right guidance (through research, study, and Receivership), schedule and set “can’t-miss” reminders to apply those replacement habits—so they actually have a real chance to become habits.

If you don’t schedule it, set reminders, and practice it, you don’t really want to do it—and you won’t get better at it. God does not require perfection, just effort in the right direction. The only failure is you giving up on you. God never does.

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