I Will Love You Forever or Until God Says Stop

I Will Love You Forever or Until

I Will Love You Forever or Until God Says Stop

If a successful spiritual life is one in which you balance learning and growth, service and work, and socializing, entertainment and pleasure, God would only choose a romantic partner (“soul-mate”) for you that has a lot in common with you in all those areas. After all, the more common ground, the stronger the relationship is likely to be over time.

But you can make yourself into a Divine Partner, and your present romantic partner into a “soul-mate,” by relating as directed by God within you from now on. In this way, you receive God’s Help to keep the relationship going in all the right directions, which God always wants to help you do—but only for as long as there is no karmic reason to end it.

Karmic reasons for God wanting you to end a romantic relationship, with a perceived “soul-mate” or not, include: growing incompatibility, personality changes, control issues, unfairness, cheating, addiction, abuse—and at times even positive changes—like one or both of you mastering having made the other a lesser god in the past.

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