How to Stop Psychic Trespass and Energy Drain

How to Stop Psychic Trespass Energy DrainHow to Stop Psychic Trespass & Energy Drain

If you want to protect yourself, your body, your family, and your home, from all sources of psychic trespass and energy drain, you must stop trespassing; which can only be done by making all of your decisions, and taking all of your actions, as directed by God within you through Receivership. Rituals alone won’t do it.

The more Receivership you do, the more karmically correct decisions you make, and the less trespass energy you put out. The less trespass energy you put out, the more sealed off from discarnate spirit influence and all lesser gods you will become—which will make you and yours much safer and happier over time.

God’s Protection from all forms of trespass and energy drain is God’s Direction through Receivership—telling you what to do and not do; where to go and not go; who to trust and not trust, at a given time and in general. With God as your “life-coach,” always there and available within you, you can’t go wrong for long.

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