How to Cut the Right Boundaries in All You Do

Only God Knows When Kindness is Cruelty and Cruelty KindnessHow to Cut the Right Boundaries in All You Do

Care, but don’t overcare. The only way to know how much slack to cut yourself and others is through Receivership from God within you. Sometimes automatic patience can create co-dependency; and sometimes automatic impatience can cut someone off just when they’re about to make a breakthrough.

There’s a fine-line between careful and too careful, and between planning and procrastination. Just as you can use Repetitive Negation to find out whether a particular feeling is from God or a lesser god, you can use it to find out if you’re avoiding or just waiting for the right impress from God within you.

Double-checking through Repetitive Negation when on the go, and through Receivership when at home, insures that you’re always kind and never cruel to yourself or others, and thus always karmically correct in all that you say and do.

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