For Easter: Resurrection & Mastering Death

Jesus in Heavenly EggEaster: Resurrection & Mastering Death

Every Easter, I can’t help but reflect on the far reaching impact of the life and death of Jesus, the Christ Consciousness. By allowing himself to die, Jesus actually mastered the experience of death for all the world to see. The prospect of not surviving physically did not intimidate Jesus. It did not pull Him away from being focused upon—and committed to creating—all that He knew to be God’s Will. 

Since Jesus could heal the sick, raise the dead, and expel “demons” from the possessed, as is noted in the Bible, Jesus must have been able to stop soldiers from taking Him into custody—but didn’t because He knew it was in God’s Plan. Thus, Jesus knew all that was to happen before and after the soldiers arrived—including Judas’ betrayal—which therefore also had to be in God’s Plan as well. 

“That Which I Do, You Shall Do and More”

You might say, “Jesus was and is the One and Only Son of God. He already knew of the afterlife as a real, enjoyable world of its own. It’s not so easy for us mortals to do what He did and more.” But, didn’t Jesus famously declare that He expected all of us to do so? Jesus never claimed to be the One and Only Son of God. 

Jesus was (and is) a Son of God because He saw (sees) God as His Father. Jesus didn’t see Himself as a son of man. He didn’t go about trying to please Joseph, Mary or anyone else. He never laid all His treasures up on Earth. 

Jesus served no one before God within—because He always listened to God’s Voice (His Receivership) before all other voices—then and surely now. He worshipped no lesser gods before Our Creator. 

“Thy Will, not my will, Oh Lord!”

Being a Son or a Daughter of God has nothing to do with having any singularly exclusive birthright. But, it has everything to do with surrender. “Thy Will, not my will, oh Lord.” Anyone who lives life as directed by God within—and thus always and only as inspired and monitored by their own Receivership—is living life as a Son (or a Daughter) of God. 

When Jesus said, “that which I do, you shall do and more,” He was predicting that living as directed by Receivership (as a Child of God, not of man) was the destiny of each and every single person on Earth. And since Jesus mastered death in the physical as a Son of God, the above prediction was also a declaration that mastery over physical death was in God’s Plan for each and every single person on Earth as well. 

How Do You Master Death in the Physical?

You don’t master death by dying for God. You master death by living for God. You master death by living as directed by God through Receivership without worrying about where it may take you in the future. You can live for God by surrendering control of your life to God; which you do by using Receivership to make all of your choices and decisions, bar none. 

In all of the choices and decisions that you make in self-will, the motivating factor is survival—survival of the physical person in a relatively comfortable body—and survival of the spiritual-mental person with a relatively comfortable self-image. By living your daily life as directed by God within you through Receivership, you put God before survival. 

And thus, you master death. But you also eliminate suffering, because as the Buddha famously put it, desire is the root of all suffering. The Keys fine-tunes that Divine Inspiration by teaching that desire is good, without desire, there would be no creation. But need and demand (to control) is not so good, because they are the causes of all suffering and bad behavior.

If Life Is a Spiritual School…

If life on Earth is actually a school through which we are all meant to learn, grow and become the best companions we can be for each other—and for God—then the only reason God would plan the death of any particular person, and especially someone so special as Jesus, would be for it to serve as an inspiration that motivates people to move in all the right directions over time.

Jesus’ famous life and death surely did that for the multitudes around the world—back then—and to this very day as well. Even though Jesus’ Teachings may have been regrettably used to justify religious wars throughout history, they have also motivated many to be more caring and charitable than they would otherwise have been, whether using actual Receivership at the time or not. 

And since this “Greatest Story Ever Told” still resonates strongly within the hearts and minds of all humankind to this very day, it is highly unlikely that such a dramatic scenario of painful sacrifice is planned for anyone else on the planet in this modern day and age.

Don’t Just Like Jesus, Be Like Jesus

Jesus once said that there are two basic laws to live by, “Love thy God with all thy heart,” and “Love thy Neighbor as yourself.” You don’t ignore anything or anyone you love. You stay close, you listen to, you try your best to do what is best for them, as well as for yourself.

Since there are times when apparent kindness is cruelty, and apparent cruelty is kindness, to fulfill those laws, you have to know which is which at the time. The only Source that can give you that information accurately in all situations and circumstances, is God within you. That is why the Keys teaches that God is supposed to be our Guide and Teacher, as well as Parent-Creator.

As per Jesus’ predictions noted above, it is within God’s Plan for all of us to become consciously and specifically guided by the Voice of God within in the conduct of our daily lives. If so, it must also be God’s Plan for all of us to eventually learn and apply Receivership. How else can we always abide by the main two laws that Jesus taught?

So why not start now and let God teach you to become the best companion you can be for all those in your world and being, and for God over time? What better goals and motivations could anyone of us have? What better way to honor Jesus and celebrate Easter?

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  1. Thank you Allan. Wonderful! So grateful and lucky for finding God, Bernice and you to guide me. Happy Easter.

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