Easter: Resurrection and Mastering Death

Jesus in Heavenly Egg
Easter: Resurrection & Mastering Death

Every Easter, I can’t help but reflect on the far reaching impact of the life and death of Jesus, the Christ Consciousness. By allowing himself to die, Jesus actually mastered the experience of death for all the world to see. The prospect of not surviving physically did not intimidate Jesus. It did not pull Him away from being focused upon—and committed to creating—all that He knew to be God’s Will. 

Since Jesus could heal the sick, raise the dead, and expel “demons” from the possessed, as is noted in the Bible, Jesus must have been able to stop soldiers from taking Him into custody—but didn’t because He knew it was in God’s Plan. Thus, Jesus knew all that was to happen before and after the soldiers arrived—including Judas’ betrayal—which therefore also had to be in God’s Plan as well. 

“That Which I Do, You Shall Do and More”

You might say, “Jesus was and is the One and Only Son of God. He already knew of the afterlife as a real, enjoyable world of its own. It’s not so easy for us mortals to do what He did and more.” But, didn’t Jesus famously declare that He expected all of us to do so? Jesus never claimed to be the One and Only Son of God. 

Jesus was (and is) a Son of God because He saw (sees) God as His Father. Jesus didn’t see Himself as a son of man. He didn’t go about trying to please Joseph, Mary or anyone else. He never laid all His treasures up on Earth. 

Jesus served no one before God within—because He always listened to God’s Voice (His Receivership) before all other voices—then and surely now. He worshipped no lesser gods before Our Creator. 

“Thy Will, not my will, Oh Lord!”

Being a Son or a Daughter of God has nothing to do with having any singularly exclusive birthright. But, it has everything to do with surrender. “Thy Will, not my will, oh Lord.” Anyone who lives life as directed by God within—and thus always and only as inspired and monitored by their own Receivership—is living life as a Son (or a Daughter) of God. 

When Jesus said, “that which I do, you shall do and more,” He was predicting that living as directed by Receivership (as a Child of God, not of man) was the destiny of each and every single person on Earth. And since Jesus mastered death in the physical as a Son of God, the above prediction was also a declaration that mastery over physical death was in God’s Plan for each and every single person on Earth as well. 

How Do You Master Death in the Physical?

You don’t master death by dying for God. You master death by living for God. You master death by living as directed by God through Receivership without worrying about where it may take you in the future. You can live for God by surrendering control of your life to God; which you do by using Receivership to make all of your choices and decisions, bar none. 

In all of the choices and decisions that you make in self-will, the motivating factor is survival—survival of the physical person in a relatively comfortable body—and survival of the spiritual-mental person with a relatively comfortable self-image. By living your daily life as directed by God within you through Receivership, you put God before survival. 

And thus, you master death. But you also eliminate suffering, because as the Buddha famously put it, desire is the root of all suffering. The Keys fine-tunes that Divine Inspiration by teaching that desire is good, without desire, there would be no creation. But need and demand (to control) is not so good, because they are the causes of all suffering and bad behavior.

If Life Is a Spiritual School…

If life on Earth is actually a school through which we are all meant to learn, grow and become the best companions we can be for each other—and for God—then the only reason God would plan the death of any particular person, and especially someone so special as Jesus, would be for it to serve as an inspiration that motivates people to move in all the right directions over time.

Jesus’ famous life and death surely did that for the multitudes around the world—back then—and to this very day as well. Even though Jesus’ Teachings may have been regrettably used to justify religious wars throughout history, they have also motivated many to be more caring and charitable than they would otherwise have been, whether using actual Receivership at the time or not. 

And since this “Greatest Story Ever Told” still resonates strongly within the hearts and minds of all humankind to this very day, it is highly unlikely that such a dramatic scenario of painful sacrifice is planned for anyone else on the planet in this modern day and age.

Don’t Just Like Jesus, Be Like Jesus

Jesus once said that there are two basic laws to live by, “Love thy God with all thy heart,” and “Love thy Neighbor as yourself.” You don’t ignore anything or anyone you love. You stay close, you listen to, you try your best to do what is best for them, as well as for yourself.

Since there are times when apparent kindness is cruelty, and apparent cruelty is kindness, to fulfill those laws, you have to know which is which at the time. The only Source that can give you that information accurately in all situations and circumstances, is God within you. That is why the Keys teaches that God is supposed to be our Guide and Teacher, as well as Parent-Creator.

As per Jesus’ predictions noted above, it is within God’s Plan for all of us to become consciously and specifically guided by the Voice of God within in the conduct of our daily lives. If so, it must also be God’s Plan for all of us to eventually learn and apply Receivership. How else can we always abide by the main two laws that Jesus taught?

So why not start now and let God teach you to become the best companion you can be for all those in your world and being, and for God over time? What better goals and motivations could anyone of us have? What better way to honor Jesus and celebrate Easter?

Forgiveness and Freedom from Your Karma

Forgiveness Doesn't Free Them, It Frees YouForgiveness and Freedom from Your Karma

Let all those who are without sin (error) over all lifetimes (or just throughout this one) throw the first stone. Under that declaration, no stones would ever leave the ground.

We have all likely been there and done that. We have all been thoughtless, careless, selfish, hostile, harmful, maybe even violent, at some time or another in our long-term past.

Of course, theoretically some negative, harmful words and actions are much less forgivable than others, many of which carry serious karmic consequences, but all carry some level of trespass and karma attached. And all are forgivable.

But, however understandable holding onto unforgiveness energy may be, it is always counterproductive for the one who carries it. Unforgiveness energy is hot, bothered, angry, self-righteous energy. It is holding onto a past that hurts you—so it literally causes you to be holding onto the hurt…

In refusing to forgive, and/or in being unable to get yourself to forgive, you are affirming that you have suffered, are still suffering, and that you want those who’ve hurt you to suffer, and to continue suffering, as well. It makes you a partly negative person even if in most situations you’re actually quite positive.

You Don’t Protect Yourself by Not Forgiving

Forgiveness and “turn the other cheek” doesn’t mean you should let that cheek get slapped again. God’s Protection is God’s Direction. Through Receivership you can be guided in the moment; and thus know when to cut a sharp boundary and when to end a relationship or leave an event before you get hurt (again).

Continuing unforgiveness can lead you into a life of automatic distrust and defensiveness. And automatic distrust and defensiveness causes you to carry and be constantly putting out the energy of expecting trouble in the future; which is not really safe, smart, comfortable, healthy, or easy to be around.

So as President Ronald Reagan famously said during the original cold war about the nuclear arms reduction deal with the Russians, “trust but verify.”

It’s the Automatic Behavior that Gets You into Trouble

Forgive the past but try not to let others take advantage of you again by using your Receivership before you automatically agree to anything. This does not apply to forgiving. You should always forgive. It only applies to whether you interact with the person you’re now trying to help yourself forgive in the future.

Automatically forgiving is not forgetting. It is the way to stop carrying the pain of your past—as well as the way to stop expecting and thus creating more of the same in the future.

Relative to the past, God will always tell you to forgive, let go, and move on. Relative to the present and future, God will always tell you to double check through Receivership, before you choose, before you decide, before you speak, before you act, before you commit to anything or anyone in life for any reason.

It’s the only way to stop giving yourself or anyone a “reason” not to forgive you.

How Not to Be Immobilized by Daily Life Fatigue

The Wizard of OsmanIntroducing: “The Wizard of Osman, Words of Wonder and Wisdom.” Each Wizard of Osman post will be a short audio mp3 file of one question and answer that was spontaneously recorded in a private session with Allan Martin Osman.

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How Not to Be Immobilized by Daily Life Fatigue

This post was in response to a question posed by a spiritual student who has been avoiding doing what he has wanted and needed to do after work—both materially and spiritually—because of giving-in to daily life fatigue at home.

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Coping with the Fear of Negative Changes

The Wizard of OsmanIntroducing: “The Wizard of Osman, Words of Wonder and Wisdom.” Each Wizard of Osman post will be a short audio mp3 file of one question and answer that was spontaneously recorded in a private session with Allan Martin Osman.

All posts will have been authorized by each student-client asking the question. Some will be accompanied by relevant text; others will not. Below is the first of the series. Your comments on the format and presentation will be appreciated.

Coping with the Fear of Negative Changes

This post was in response to a question posed by a student who was worrying about the impact of the changes she expects to be made by the incoming Trump Administration. The answer is not meant to be any kind of political statement. 

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Why You Should Do Conditional Receiverships

Preparation is the Creator of Competence and ConfidenceWhy You Should Do Conditional Receiverships

If as the Keys Teachings emphasize, God wants to help us all live the happiest, healthiest, and most karmically correct lives we can live—then God certainly wants us to ask so that we may receive Divine Guidance when facing a problem.

But why wait to ask for God’s Help until a potential problem becomes a real one? That’s why the Keys suggests that instead of worrying about a potential problem, prepare for the possibility by not only doing all the relevant prayers, but by doing a Conditional Receivership on the matter as well.

Just ask God, “if this happens, what do I do? And if necessary, you can also ask, “if that happens instead, what do I do?” And if still necessary, you might follow it up with, “if they change their minds, how should I handle it?” And so on…

Being able to know the karmically correct response to any difficult situation in advance should be very comforting. It helps to keep you from being attached to results. For no matter the outcome, at least you will have done the right thing.

So even if your material situation doesn’t improve by all that you’ve done, your karmic future will; and your present emotional state should improve as well.

Doing a Conditional Receivership doesn’t make the particular problem more likely to happen because you’re focusing on it. On the contrary, it might show you how to keep it from happening; or at least keep you from being caught off-guard if it does.

And being caught off-guard by a challenge, and thus likely being quite stressed by it—is the time and mental condition when most automatic, habit-triggered, poorly thought out, actions are taken.

Mastery Prayer List Work Combines Confession and Correction

Mastery Prayer List Work Combines Confession and CorrectionMastery Prayer Work = Confession + Correction

When you decide to prepare and work a Mastery Prayer List for yourself you are recognizing that you need God’s Help to change for the better.

When you actually make the list, you are identifying what you need to work on, and in essence, are making a confession.

You are making a confession because you are consciously acknowledging all that you believe you shouldn’t be thinking, saying, or doing, but still are.

In essence, you are listing the negative, lesser god, personality habits that you still need to work on and master in daily life; and you thereby create a focus and a blueprint for your ongoing spiritual growth and freedom over time.

At Home Preparation for On-the-Go Mastery

Working Mastery Prayer List(s) at home prepares you to resist all your negative personality habits in action, in all the daily life situations and relationships that have been able to trigger them—which is the real point and benefit of doing it.

You work a Mastery Prayer List by reading the entries as a sincere declaration that you want God to free you from the negative, lesser god influence that each one represents (negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings, habits), once and for all.

By doing so, you are putting your time and energy into creating positive change within yourself; and thus are trying to lovingly self-correct with God’s Help.

By combining Mastery Prayer List work with consistent Guidance Counseling from God within you through Receivership—you put yourself on the express path to Conscious Mastery, Divine Service, and Karmic Freedom on Earth.

Prayer Power is Constantly Being Affected By

Prayer power is constantly affectedPrayer Power is Constantly Being Affected By…

Prayer power is never a reward for loyalty, service, ritual—or for following the many laws and rules commanded by any one of the many different religions that have competed for power and influence on this planet over time. God doesn’t play favorites; not for the benefit of specific groups—or individuals.

Jesus had (and still has) great prayer power—not because He was the Son of God, Beloved of the Creator. Rather, it was because He always acted like a Son of God—and only said and did as directed by God within Him—no matter what.

The most powerful prayers are those suggested by God within you because they are guaranteed to correctly benefit all those involved in the situation. The most prayer-powerful people are those who consistently ask God to take charge of them; and to help them do the right thing for themselves and others over time.

If God wants you to ask so you may receive your rent money, God also wants you to ask so you may receive guidance on all of your choices and decisions in all areas of life. Not so God can be the boss. But so God can help you become and stay the best and most karmically correct person you can be—for all time.

How to Stop Psychic Trespass and Energy Drain

How to Stop Psychic Trespass Energy DrainHow to Stop Psychic Trespass & Energy Drain

If you want to protect yourself, your body, your family, and your home, from all sources of psychic trespass and energy drain, you must stop trespassing; which can only be done by making all of your decisions, and taking all of your actions, as directed by God within you through Receivership. Rituals alone won’t do it.

The more Receivership you do, the more karmically correct decisions you make, and the less trespass energy you put out. The less trespass energy you put out, the more sealed off from discarnate spirit influence and all lesser gods you will become—which will make you and yours much safer and happier over time.

God’s Protection from all forms of trespass and energy drain is God’s Direction through Receivership—telling you what to do and not do; where to go and not go; who to trust and not trust, at a given time and in general. With God as your “life-coach,” always there and available within you, you can’t go wrong for long.

Love Yourself for Your Effort, Not Your Results

Love Yourself for Your Effort, not Your ResultsLove Yourself for Your Effort, Not Your Results

You can’t drop 60 pounds in 60 minutes. You can’t become a champion golfer on your first day with a club in your hands. And you can’t master a life-long anger problem in your first 30 minute meditation.

Urgency never helped anyone master anything; neither has passivity. The trick is to apply the perfect balance and timing in every situation—which only God within you can and will guide you into doing—through your Receivership.

Positive change takes time. Permanent positive change requires a commitment to replacement habits that you schedule and practice; or the old ones will keep coming back whenever you’re not paying attention.

Once you have the right guidance (through research, study, and Receivership), schedule and set “can’t-miss” reminders to apply those replacement habits—so they actually have a real chance to become habits.

If you don’t schedule it, set reminders, and practice it, you don’t really want to do it—and you won’t get better at it. God does not require perfection, just effort in the right direction. The only failure is you giving up on you. God never does.