The Most Important Free-Will Choice

The Most Important FreedomThe Most Important Free-Will Choice

No one likes to be told what to do all the time. Even those who happily trade independence for being taken care of—don’t want all their daily life decisions made for them. We all tend to either aggressively or passively resist giving up control—unless it is absolutely necessary at a given time.

Anyone who has ever been totally controlled in life—by an overly strict parent, an unfair boss, a domineering spouse, etc., has very likely developed a strong conscious or unconscious resistance to taking orders in general.

The above is why most people would define the word freedom as the ability to make all your decisions yourself—whether that ability was created by gaining great wealth and power (your own or through another person); by automatic rebellion against authority; or by withdrawing into isolation on a mountain top.

Why Commitments Can Be So Hard to Make

The above is why many people find commitments so hard to make and/or keep. It feels like restriction and loss of freedom; as is often felt when a person is told that they should or have to do something—like get married; go on a diet; keep a schedule—and especially stop the habits that they may still be enjoying at times.

The above is also why it’s easier to commit to applying a Spiritual Teaching that promises you more control of your life—than to one that requires you to let go of control in order to make progress—as the Keys Teachings will always do by reminding you to ask God for Guidance before making choices and decisions.

Fate or Free Will or Something Else?

Actually, it is hard to say that anyone on Earth is free—not because we are all controlled by fate—because no one lives in a vacuum. No one makes all their decisions completely on their own. Every choice is motivated by something. We’re all products of nature + nurture + our past responses to our experiences.

Everyone has seen himself and/or others automatically controlled at times by negative personality habits (anger, fear, martyrism, urgency, rigidity, need for attention, addiction); by authority figures (parents, experts, teachers, leaders); or by “one-size-fits-all” beliefs that may not have been applicable at the time.

The Keys Teachings calls anything that can influence you more strongly than the Voice of God within you a lesser god. By the time most people even consider Spiritual Growth, they are greatly or completely controlled by all of the lesser god influences that have been within and around them up to that point in time.

That’s why Keys teaches that the most important free-will choice that there is on this planet is whether you want to be inspired-protected-guided by the Voice of the One Greater God within; or motivated-limited-controlled by lesser gods.

Change My Life But Don’t Tell Me What to Do

Most people who pray want freedom from the negative experiences that they are praying about. They want God to give them more control, not less. They want God’s help; but most aren’t thinking of letting go of control at the time.

But the desire for freedom can become a lesser god if it becomes a resistance to asking God for guidance and direction; which is when it also becomes a block to hearing God’s Voice within you (and the reason why most people can’t hear that Divine Inner Voice; and thus don’t believe that God talks to them at all).

Although most religions and spiritual teachings do preach surrender to God, most do not teach you how to do it—especially not in a way that can and does apply to every single choice and decision that must be made in a modern life. And every choice and decision does affect you, your present, and your future.

The great established religions inspire many to be as kind and positive as they can be in general—but their teachings all require obedience to “one-size-fits-all” laws—laws that were written long ago. And “one-size” does not fit all. We are all individual souls with a specific path to conscious mastery and karmic freedom.

How to Surrender to God

Surrender to God has little to do with accepting the specific teachings of any religion; and more to do with asking so that you may receive guidance from God within on how to live the most beneficial life possible on the planet, step-by-step—a life in which you care about others as much as you care about self.

But you can’t take the karmically correct, most beneficial action, without using Receivership in the moment—because the best decision, and thus God’s Will, always depends on the situation, the people you’re dealing with, and the exact place and time in which it’s all happening. Again, one-size-laws do NOT fit all.

You may be able to guess or intellectualize what you should do, but only God knows when kindness is cruelty and cruelty is kindness. Only God can tell you whether you should cut someone some slack or keep strict boundaries at the given time. The only real surrender is using Receivership to manage your life.

Thus the only real freedom is freedom from lesser god influences; which can only be created by always using Receivership to manage your life. “Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me.” There is no other way—modern or ancient.

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