The Many Factors that Determine Health and Longevity

God's Protection is God's Direction
The Factors that Determine Health & Longevity

Blending your vibrations with a more positive, loving and God connected person, as occurs when working with many hands-on healers, and with all true Spiritual Masters, cannot help but strengthen and heal you, at least to some degree, at the time and over time.

But, even if God does provide you with a miraculous healing, or just with better health, whether directly or through a particular healer, it won’t be permanent unless and until all of the causes of the particular difficulty are mastered and karmically rebalanced… by you.

If Life Is a Spiritual School…

If life on Earth is really a school for spiritual growth, and an arena for karmic rebalancing through social interaction—there must be something important to learn in every difficult, unwanted physical, emotional, or financial challenge.

Until the relevant lesson is learned and the karmic mastery made, why would God remove the challenge—even in response to sincere and humble prayers? That’s why miraculous healing is the exception, not the the rule, on Earth.

Your life is a reflection of cause and effect over time. Your health challenges are an indication that something needs to change, that something very important must be learned, or that something not yet addressed, really needs to be ASAP. 

Karma + Choices = Experience

God doesn’t put a student into pain or poor health just to build character in general. It is the student’s past karma and free-will choices that do.

And only God knows what free-will choices created the karma and the pain, and thus only God can show the student how to make and maintain the corrections that will ultimately lead to healing and comfort over time.

It is much better to have God help you learn to heal yourself through cause and effect—than to be healed by another, and then just go about doing as you have always done—only to re-create those same health and life challenges all over again—over time.

Though many physical and mental health professionals can help you repair the damage done to your body and mind over a lifetime of self-indulgence and self-rejection, if you don’t stop the self-indulgence and self-rejection, you’ll burn out sooner rather than later.

All the above is why I am presenting the following about the five general factors that determine overall health and potential longevity, along with suggestions to help you use that information + Receivership to your best advantage, over time.

Birth, Choices, Self-Care, Personality & Karma

Birth Factors are temperament, genetic programmings (includes defects and early allergies), your mother’s self-care during pregnancy, childhood living conditions, and overall family of origin treatment (karma affects all of these).

Life Choice Factors are the people, places and things that you have allowed to influence and affect you since you began making all of your choices yourself, such as friends, authority figures, environments, career, and overall lifestyle.

Self-Care Factors are diet, cleanliness, health practices, over-indulgences, self-destructive-self-indulgences, dangerous activities; and your development and usage of self-awareness, self-help and self-nurturing practices.

Personality Factors include negative, stressful emotions, counterproductive beliefs, all negative, self-defeating relationship habits, and self-rejection and self-punishment motivations (usually created by comparing and self-judging).

Karmic Factors are past life debts you were born to pay, past life physical conditions you never mastered, present life karmic debts that you’ve created through mistreatment and/or neglect of others, and any present day psychic trespass and energy drain.

Note: No one is born with pre-determined dates with ill health and physical death. All of the factors noted above can add to your overall life force energy, or drain it, and thus they all affect your health and longevity range over time.

Wheel of Karma: Refers to the belief that your past karma, debts you haven’t balanced, relationships you haven’t improved, negative emotions and behaviors you haven’t mastered in one life, all contribute to birth factors in a future life.

One Size Fits All Cures Do Not Really Exist

Blueberries heal you when you’re deficient in the nutrients they provide. They may be “good” for you, but they stop healing you once your body is replenished. Relaxation exercises do the most for those who can’t relax in any other way. 

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for anything in Earth life. Health and healing depends on accurately assessing and treating all the specific cause and effect relationships within each individual, especially given the workings of the mind-body connection.

We are all individuals with our own paths to spiritual mastery, karmic balance, and optimum health. Even if the condition may appear to manifest similarly in two people, the causes combining to create it may be very different in each.

Although there are expert health professionals who can assess each physical world factor best, none but God within you can correctly assess all of those factors. For only God knows your karmic history and your innermost secrets.

Expertise + Experience + Receivership is Better than Any One Alone

Expert professionals may be very good at diagnosing the causes of ill health, but without Receivership, they must depend on tests alone, and the only time they might consider karmic factors is when all other options haven’t worked.

All the above is why anyone wanting to experience optimum health in this life, including physical longevity, needs to investigate all of the factors noted above, an investigation that requires consulting those with health related expertise, patient related experience, and those with expert Receivership.

Or just develop expert Receivership yourself and use it to research all the health and longevity factors in your life, and then adjust them all accordingly, as you are directed by God within you, as soon as you can.

And be sure to make those changes permanent even if you need the help of a health professional without Receivership in order to do so.

Some Relevant Observations & Conclusions

Observation: Without a First Cause, there would be no Universe. Without a First Cause in your body (God), you would not have come alive on Earth.

Thus a personal, individual life on Earth starts when God (Spirit) enters and animates a new-born human body. When that Spirit leaves, the human body crumbles. And vice-versa, when the physical body dies, the Spirit leaves it. 

Conclusion: Encouraging God’s Presence within the body amplifies Life Force (vitality, chi). Separating yourself from and ignoring God diminishes it. Time spent focused on God heals and strengthens.

Asking God to take charge of you, and doing as directed by God within you, adds to your overall health and life force energy over time, as does mastering the lesser gods that often get in the way of your ability to hear God’s Voice.

Observation: Some children are born much healthier, stronger, smarter, happier, with safer genes, into better living conditions, and they receive more care from more careful parents than others do.

Conclusion: Karmic Cause and Effect has to span lifetimes or this is an unfair Universe. If this is a fair Universe, everything that you do either improves or deteriorates your health, and thus either extends or shortens your life, within a certain range, to be manifested in this and/or a future life.

Relevant Observations & Conclusions re: Stress

Observation: Scientific Research has shown that all negative emotions (which are all lesser gods and stressful) deplete your energy reserves, create hormonal imbalances, suppress immune system functioning, raise your blood pressure, and increase your physical tension and irritability.

Conclusion: Stopping stressful reactions right when they start is critical to maintain Health and extend Longevity.

Observation: Some people handle negative situations, relationships and environments better than others do.

Conclusion: Experiences alone don’t create stress. Reactions do. You can’t eliminate your stress without breaking negative personality habits.

Note: Being oversensitive, defensive, and judgmental can not only sabotage relationships, it can deteriorate your health and decrease your longevity as well.

It Is Not From External Factors Alone…

Observation: Some activities cause more physical damage to certain people than to others. Smoking may help create lung cancer but not all long-term smokers get lung cancer.

Conclusion: It is not physical environment or behavioral habits alone that create disease, breakdown and death. Mental, emotional, self-care and karmic factors play their part (review the above explanation of factors).

Observation: Some of the sickest looking people walk the aisles of Health Food Stores. Some of the strongest, healthiest people die in traffic accidents every year.

Conclusion: You can’t heal and protect yourself through careful diet, regular exercise, and environmental protection alone.

You must also: (1) manage your negative emotions; (2) treat and master your stress; (3) improve your karma; and (4) draw God out from deep within you by seeking God’s Guidance in all areas and aspects of your life.

A Few Final Thoughts About All of This…

A better diet may improve your skin and provide you with extra energy, at least for a while, but it won’t by itself help you relax or master the negative emotions that created your tension related discomforts in the first place.

Positive Thinking may temporarily improve your attitude and perspective, but it won’t cure a terminal illness if you haven’t totally rebalanced your negative karmic past and mastered your counterproductive self-care habits.

God’s Protection is God’s Direction (Receivership). God wants to help us all become and remain… the best, happiest, healthiest, karmically correct people we can be… which can only be done step by step by step… forevermore.

Yes, the masteries and karmic rebalancing needed to permanently improve and maintain your health, enrich your lifestyle, and extend your time on Earth, will take consistent, organized effort over time. But, aren’t you worth it?

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