The Benefits of Learning and Using Receivership

Do All Right Things - Quote GraphicThe Benefits of Learning & Using Receivership

In my previous post, Receivership: Modern Day Prophecy for Us All,
I explained what Receivership is, why it is possible for anyone to learn it, and even noted some of the benefits. In this one, I elaborate on the benefit part…

The following is an overview of some of the very unique, long-term benefits that may be enjoyed by those who learn and use Receivership in their daily lives:

Experience Unity with God

Two are One when they affect the Universe in the exact same way at all times. To be One with God, you have to feel and do about yourself and others as God would have you feel and do—as God directs you to feel and do—at all times.

Always using Receivership to respond to your inner and outer lives is Re-At-One-Ment with God in action. It brings you closer to God with every life choice.

Know and Live The Truth

By observation alone, you can only see what people do, but not why they do it. Only God knows the real causes behind all that does or doesn’t happen in life.

Without God’s Explanation through Receivership, you are “living the illusion” of life because you can’t actually know what is really going on and why—within yourself—let alone within others. You may be able to guess, but you can’t know.

Receive God’s Protection

God doesn’t protect by building an invisible shield that can keep all forms of danger and negativity away. God’s Protection is God’s Receivership Direction as to what decisions to make—and what prayers to put out—at any and all times.

God protects by telling us where to go and not go, what to do and not do, who to trust and not trust—in all situations and relationships—all we need to do is ask.

Of course, the better your Receivership—the safer you are—now and forever.

Improve All Relationships

Besides telling you why someone is, or is not, acting in a certain way, God can also tell you how best to reach that person in order to create the best possible movement in your relationship over time, step by step, response after response.

Receivership can also tell you whether it will be in your best interest to start a new personal, business, or romantic relationship with someone you meet for the first time, at the time, or ever.

Fine-Tune How You Do What You Do

By double-checking with God in Receivership before you automatically say or do something, you can avoid the problems that are created by saying or doing the wrong thing, at the wrong time, in important relationships and situations.

And by using Conditional Receivership (what to do if this happens) before you enter a conversation or go for a job interview—you would likely perform better than you would have—without such Divine Assistance with your preparation.

Even experts in their fields, doctors, therapists, lawyers, etc., can benefit from using Receivership to help them take advantage of their expertise in the most efficient and effective way when planning their work and treatment strategies.

Avoid Co-Dependency

Sometimes kindness is cruelty and cruelty kindness. Automatic help often leads to co-dependency, exploitation, and karmic imbalances.

Only God through Receivership can tell you when you should be extra patient, and when you should draw very sharp boundaries, within a given relationship, situation, and/or circumstance.

Help Yourself and All Life

When you do all that God would have you do through your Receivership, it is beneficial for all concerned; and it is very good karma for you—as long as you are a good sport about how it all works out over time.

Being helpful and compassionate as directed by your Receivership is never co-dependency or exploitation because it is God’s Will Be Done—which is always the right action, no matter what the outcome. 

Follow Your Divine Path

When you do as directed by your Receivership, you automatically take the best path to and through your required Divine Plan Challenges over time. You are always where you’re supposed to be and you never miss a karmic opportunity.

When you make all decisions in self-will, you’re never sure whether you’re heading in the right direction at any given time. And you never really know if you’re making a karmic mistake; or if you’re actually being kind or being cruel.

Empower Prayer and Healing

You can’t ask anyone to score points for you if you don’t give them the ball and let them call the plays.

You can’t ask God to help or heal you, or to help or heal others through you, if you don’t surrender control of your time, mind, body and lifestyle to God, at the time, and in general over time.

Using Receivership to run your life is an ongoing practice of Surrender to God in action—which is a practice that serves as your ongoing invitation for God to come forth and make conscious, tangible contact with you over time.

The more consistently and sincerely you make such a request, the more likely it will be granted by the Creator over time. That is why Surrender to God in all of its forms always amplifies your prayer power, your awareness of God within you, and your Receivership ability—over time.

The more Receivership you do, the more you bring God out from deep within you into your outer, conscious, physical mind and body; and the more of God’s Healing Energy will there be—coming to you and through you into the physical.

And it is the Divine Energy coming to and through you into the physical that does the healing. By yourself, without God, you can do nothing supernatural.

Improved Health & Extended Longevity

The more often that you bring out God’s Presence from deep within you into your outer physical consciousness and body—by doing more Receivership—the more that God’s Divine Life Force Energy nurtures, heals and strengthens you.

Through Receivership, God can show you how to care for yourself (and others) in ways that help you (and them) experience much greater physical, mental and emotional health, balance, comfort and longevity.

And it is only God who can help you avoid all the incidents and accidents that may damage your physical body over time. God’s Protection is God’s Direction.

Feel Closer To God

Since doing a Receivership always draws God’s Presence out from deep within you to your outer physical awareness and body, the more Receivership you do, the more strongly you feel God’s Presence within and around you over time.

The more connected to God and all life you are and feel, the more secure you will be over time, especially when facing loss of loved ones or physical death.

So don’t wait too long to make that Divine Connection very real and tangible for you by learning and using Receivership. For all that you can and must take with you—is your consciousness, karma, and Receivership ability (or lack thereof).

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