Surrender is When Prayers are Answered

Surrender is When Prayers are AnsweredSurrender is When Prayers are Answered

If the only voice you’re listening to is your own, you’ll always be limited by your present limitations; which is why you can’t really change your life for the better without at least one, enlightened, trustworthy source of guidance and direction.

When you pray, you are wisely asking God to be that beneficial source. But how can you expect God to help you score a goal (or all your goals) for you—if you don’t hand over control—if you don’t give God the ball and let God call all the plays—if you don’t gratefully Co-Create with the Creator Source of all life?

“Ask so that you may receive” doesn’t imply that you should wait a second, and then expect a pot of gold to miraculously show up at your feet. God helps those who helps themselves by literally providing a plan, by suggesting a step-by-step path to the inner and outer changes needed for all areas of your life to improve.

When you pray for things, but aren’t also asking for God’s Guidance on how to conduct every area of your life, you are not surrendering control, and are thus diminishing the power of your prayers to work for you in general—over time.

Follow-Up Receivership: Highly Recommended

Since Earth life is a journey in which you interact with many people who use their free-will to make decisions and change their minds, staying on the right path almost always requires adjustment from time to time—which can only be precisely made through a follow-up Receivership. You can’t just ask God once, then wing it, and then expect the results you want no matter what else you do.

If you don’t stop and listen enough, you may miss the answers you need from God within you—in meditation and in daily life. But if you create a regularly scheduled surrender-based life, one in which you’re always receptive to God’s Voice within you, your prayer power will increase, your Receivership will be more precise, and your lifestyle more beneficially enjoyable—day after day.

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