Receivership: Modern Day Prophecy for Us All

God is an Equal Opportunity Guide and Teacher - Quote GraphicReceivership: Modern Day Prophecy for Us All

In The Keys to Reality Teachings, God’s First Commandment, “Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me,” means that the Creator wants to be the one we all turn to first for explanation and guidance about life.

Like any good parent, God wants to help us by influencing and guiding us, by being our number one source of information, by being our most important teacher and guide, here and now, directly from within.

Jesus said, “Ask so that you may Receive (God’s Help).” What greater help can there be on this planet than to be consciously and specifically taught and guided by God within you, step by step?

What greater gift can anyone receive than the ability to hear God’s Voice in the physical? It’s the only gift that has the potential to pay dividends forever.

There are many instances of Prophecy—defined as hearing God’s Voice speak God’s Words—noted throughout the Scriptures. In most cases, prophecy has been seen as something that is reserved for the chosen few—for the prophets.

Can We Choose or Must We Be Chosen?

The spiritual teachings that do believe that it is possible for everyone to hear God’s Voice most often tell you that it takes many years of self-discipline and solitary meditation to become ready and able to do so.

Some even teach that complete renunciation of participation in the material world is required. In other words, living a modern lifestyle is just not possible for a modern day “prophet.” 

My Spiritual Master Teacher, the Rev. Dr. Bernice Osman, the person who brought The Keys to Reality Teachings onto the planet, was one of the first to assure her students that God is always willing to speak to us all—as Parent and Teacher—whoever we are, wherever we may be, whatever we may be doing.

When you combine “ask so that you may receive” and “God helps all those who help themselves,” you realize that God wants to and will help all those who have the willingness to ask, the patience to listen, and the connection to hear.

Why Don’t We Hear God’s Voice All the Time?

If God is always willing to speak to us, and God wants us to ask so that we may receive guidance and understanding, why do almost all of us not hear a reply when we reach out to God?

Is it because we are not worthy, not special, not chosen? Didn’t Jesus say, “that which I do, you shall do and more,” and “that which you do unto the lowliest creature, you do unto Me?”

Perhaps we don’t hear because we don’t know how to listen? Or is it that there is something unknown to us that is blocking our reception?

Most of us pray for God to change our lives for the better, but we don’t often pray for God to change us—so that we can do what it takes to make it better.

In other words, we want God to help us with the big picture—having more money, better relationships, improved health—but not necessarily with our every day choices and decisions.

Yet it is our every day choices and decisions that not only help determine the paths that our lives take, they determine whether we can hear God’s Voice or not, at a given time, and in general.

Only praying when you’re in crisis, while ignoring God when things are going well, may be a common practice on this Earth planet, but it is not the way you create a strong, “always on” conscious connection to God within you.

God’s Protection is God’s Direction

God’s Protection is God’s Direction. God’s Verbal, Specific, Step by Step Daily Guidance is the best protection that anyone can ever receive; and it is the best path to follow when it comes to doing something tangible to improve your life.

Living daily life as directed by God within you is surrender to God in action. And it is also the exact way that you can create a strong, “always on” permanent conscious connection to God within you in the physical over time.

But you can’t declare that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, and then just go about daily life making all of your decisions yourself, and call it surrender to God.

Surrender to God in action causes you to be acting as God’s Agent on Earth. For if you’re working to create God’s Will in your own life, you’re working to create God’s Will in the lives of all those you influence or affect over time.

Receivership is a Gift and a Skill

Bernice taught that Receivership (Prophecy) is both a gift and a skill. It’s a gift from God because you don’t have to become a renunciate or a Spiritual Master, totally free of karmic debts, before you’re worthy and able to have it and use it.

It’s a skill because it can be learned; it improves with consistent, organized practice; and it declines when ignored. You may not lose it if you don’t use it, but you won’t get better at it without paying a lot of consistent attention to it.

Most of us have spent our entire lives ignoring the Voice of God within us as we tried to develop the skills that we thought we needed to better manage our lives; and as we pursued the pastimes that we hoped would make us feel better.

Unfortunately, what we have mostly done is develop habits; many that tend to make our choices and decisions for us automatically, no matter how hard we try to resist them—effectively making it improbable for us to stop and ask God first.

Is it God or a Lesser God?

In the Keys Teachings, we call any influence that can get in the way of God’s Voice within you a lesser god. All negative, counterproductive personality habits are lesser gods.

Since sometimes kindness is cruelty and cruelty is kindness—positive habits can become negative and counterproductive—as in when they are triggered at the wrong time, in the wrong situation, or with the wrong person.

Lesser gods include authority figures, the people you need to please, placate, or attract; those you can’t forgive or be around, those you can’t forget and must be around at all costs—in essence, all those who control how you feel, act or think.

All lesser gods have voices that compete with God’s Voice within you. Some are louder and more demanding than others. Were you really listening to the Voice of God or to the voice of fear—when you decided to cancel that job interview?

Were you listening to the Voice of God or to the voice of your critical Earth life parent (or of your high school teacher) telling you that you will never amount to anything worthwhile—when you first started drinking too much?

Lesser god voices have the potential to drown out God’s Voice because we have listened to them, and acted upon their input, over and over again throughout our lives. Voices you listen to get louder. Those you ignore fade away.

One way to justify ignoring God’s Voice within you is because you can’t hear it. Thus everyone who chooses self-will must create a wall of stupor in order to block their reception—which is why so few of us hear God’s Voice in daily life.

Patience + Practice Always Leads to Progress

We all routinely rely on our intellect, memories, and authority figures to tell us what to do. Isn’t it time to start focusing on a more reliable source of guidance and understanding?

Keep knocking on God’s Door and it will be opened to you. And it will stay open to you for as long as you keep knocking. If you keep asking for God’s Guidance and Explanation, you will not only keep receiving it, but the whole process will become easier, more comfortable and more accurate over time.

Keep working to develop better and better Receivership and God’s Voice will become undeniable and unmissable; and the lesser gods will disappear from earshot over time. That’s how it works and it does work.

To speed up and insure your progress, allow yourself to be monitored by the right Spiritual Teacher, someone who already has and uses Receivership; one that wants to help you learn and use Receivership from God within you as well.

Note: My next post will be a Part Two type companion to this post. It will be entitled, “The Benefits of Learning and Using Receivership.”

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