Books on Life After Death

Life After DeathBooks on: Life After Death

The following books each provide well-researched and documented support for their overall proposition that we are each more than our physical bodies.

Each is well worth reading and studying with one caveat. Keys students should use their Receivership to determine how much of what each book presents is true and relevant; and whether to apply it in their lives.

For a detailed description, and for Amazon reviews of each book, click the links below. If you are impressed, you can them at Amazon right then and there.

Life After Death – The Evidence by Dinesh D’Souza –  provides very compelling evidence that the spirit, soul, mind, consciousness, etc. survives the death of the body. The arguments should be very persuasive to the truly open mind because they are all scientifically researched and logically presented.

Life After Death – The Burden of Proof by Deepak Chopra – provides a very complete overview of not only the Indian spiritual traditions that he grew up with, but the scientific concepts he studied to become a doctor—all of which combine to create a comprehensive and very entertaining book on the subject.

Life After Death – The Burden of Proof (Kindle) – for those who prefer reading electronically.

Note: Keys students should discuss all that they read in these and any other spiritual or self-help books in their ongoing private session work with Allan.

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