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Happier is HealthierBooks on: Health & Healing

The following books present the latest research in quantum physics and dietary health bringing you information that can help you improve your overall health and healing experience in the physical.

They are each well worth reading and studying with one caveat. Keys students should use Receivership to determine how much of what each book presents is true and relevant; and whether to apply it in their lives.

For a detailed description, and for Amazon reviews of each book, click the links below. If you are impressed, you can buy them at Amazon right then and there..

The New Physics of Healing CD by Deepak Chopra — audio CD of an extremely enlightening lecture by a cardiac physician — who is also a famous author — integrating quantum physics, spirituality, and the latest in modern day health and healing principles and techniques.

The Quantum Doctor by Amit Goswami — in this book Mr. Goswami shows how leading methods of alternative medicine — homeopathy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Ayurveda—and the latest techniques of conventional medicine—can all be successfully combined into a new system of integrative medicine. He also shares his most recent insights on the relationship between quantum physics and consciousness.

The Gut Balance Revolution by Dr. Gerard E. Mullin — explains how to take advantage of all the latest scientific research that supports a probiotic and prebiotic based health and diet plan. Easy to follow, Dr. Mullin’s plan outlines a delicious and relatively effortless way to lose weight and become healthier than you’ve probably ever been before in your life.

Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain – For Life by Dr. David Perlmutter — explains how the condition of your digestion system, particularly your gut microbes, affects your brain health and thus your overall functioning in, and experience of, life. With simple, highly practical dietary recommendations, Dr. Perlmutter helps you improve your gut ecology and potentially your overall brain health over time.

Note: Keys students should discuss all that they read in these and any other spiritual or self-help books in their ongoing private session work with Allan.

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