Private Sessions

Sometimes You Need a Second OpinionPrivate Sessions with Allan Martin Osman

Although Allan has a Psychology degree and lots of practical life experience, he lives, works and counsels as directed by God within him through Receivership.

The following are the main services offered and provided by Allan in session:

Spiritual and Practical Life Counseling: to help you make all the right choices and decisions in all spiritual, social, karmic, and practical matters.

Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Training: to help you relax and feel better physically in general; and in time become more focused, stress-free, and completely receptive to the Energy and Voice of God within you.

Receivership Skill Development and Monitoring: to help you expand your awareness of God within you; so that in time, you will become able to hear God’s specific, verbal answers to your questions, at all times, in every situation.

The Keys to Reality Spiritual Teachings: to help you consider and apply a modern, spiritual perspective and worldview that makes sense; one that honors all religions and disciplines while referencing all the latest scientific research. 

The Practical Information Up Front:

Full Sessions are 50 minutes and cost $100.00 (phone, Skype, Hangouts)

Half Sessions are 25 minutes and cost $50.00 (phone, Skype, Hangouts)

Discounts are negotiable for all students and for those who need them.

Please email Allan for more information or to schedule a Free Introductory Half-Hour Phone Session to see whether you two should be working together.

If you would like to pay for and reserve your next session in advance online, please click here and you can do so using your PayPal account or a credit card.

Note: You don’t need to have Private Sessions to study The Keys to Reality—just keep reading The Keys Insight and The Keys to Reality Foundation Blog.

Also Note: Please check back here for the scheduling of online and offline Seminars, Classes, and Prayer Groups that are based on The Keys to Reality Teachings; and that are open to the public, some free, and some fee-based.