You Can't Expect God to Score for YouWhy and How to Do: Surrender Meditation

You cannot expect God to help you score a goal (change your life for the better) if you don’t surrender control of your life to God—if you don’t give God the ball and let God call all the plays for you.

That’s why your prayer power is directly correlated with how completely, how consistently, and how long you have surrendered control to God within you.

Surrendering to God in all areas of life is the same as declaring to the Universe that you want God’s Help in all of those areas.

Thus, by asking God to take charge of you, by asking God for guidance before you choose, decide, act or react—you are literally making it easier for you to receive God’s Help, and thus for God to answer your prayers, in the physical.

By all of the above, you are also making it easier for you to become and stay a peaceful, positive, successful, karmically correct person in the physical as well.

Benefits of Surrender Meditation:

And all the above is why Surrender Meditation, whether it is guided by the right Spiritual Teacher, or self-guided at home alone, can have so many Material and Spiritual benefits, including: Continue reading

You Can't Kill Your Way to Heaven
You Can’t Kill Your Way to Heaven

There is never a time when killing can earn you a trip to any kind of Heaven. Killing is only legally and karmically defensible when it’s for self-defense or defense of others; and even then, only as a last resort.

Karmic responsibility is inescapable, even if it isn’t always immediate. All that you do becomes part of you. It becomes your inner energy that is eventually felt by those around you, whether they and you realize it or not.

Put two angry people in the same room and you get two people who are each twice as angry as they would be alone. That’s why people do negative things in crowds that they would never do on their own, especially when urged to do so.

When a mugger is looking for a victim, someone carrying negative energy due to past karmic actions is much more likely to be that victim… than someone carrying positive energy due to always acting as directed by God within them.

But Could There Be a Karmic Hell?

Although the Keys work teaches that there is no such place as “hell,” you can create just as hellish of a karmic future for yourself by killing due to religious (or any kind of) intolerance… as you would by killing for power or for money.

Note: If God actually wanted someone dead, there are easier ways for God to make it happen than sending a suicide bomber…

Surrender is When Prayers are AnsweredSurrender is When Prayers are Answered

If the only voice you’re listening to is your own, you’ll always be limited by your present limitations; which is why you can’t really change your life for the better without at least one, enlightened, trustworthy source of guidance and direction.

When you pray, you are wisely asking God to be that beneficial source. But how can you expect God to help you score a goal (or all your goals) for you—if you don’t hand over control—if you don’t give God the ball and let God call all the plays—if you don’t gratefully Co-Create with the Creator Source of all life?

“Ask so that you may receive” doesn’t imply that you should wait a second, and then expect a pot of gold to miraculously show up at your feet. God helps those who helps themselves by literally providing a plan, by suggesting a step-by-step path to the inner and outer changes needed for all areas of your life to improve.

When you pray for things, but aren’t also asking for God’s Guidance on how to conduct every area of your life, you are not surrendering control, and are thus diminishing the power of your prayers to work for you in general—over time. 

Follow-Up Receivership: Highly Recommended

Since Earth life is a journey in which you interact with many people who use their free-will to make decisions and change their minds, staying on the right path almost always requires adjustment from time to time—which can only be precisely made through a follow-up Receivership. You can’t just ask God once, then wing it, and then expect the results you want no matter what else you do.

If you don’t stop and listen enough, you may miss the answers you need from God within you—in meditation and in daily life. But if you create a regularly scheduled surrender-based life, one in which you’re always receptive to God’s Voice within you, your prayer power will increase, your Receivership will be more precise, and your lifestyle more beneficially enjoyable—day after day.

You Can't Point a Mind that Cannot Be One-Pointed
You Can’t Point a Mind that Cannot Be Pointed

A modern multitasking lifestyle is a large challenge for anyone who wants to be able to focus on one task at a time. Being mindful, and thus staying in the here and now as needed, can be practically impossible for a busy person—let alone for someone who also regrets the past and/or worries about the future at times.

The more you regret, the more you worry, the more stressed and distracted you become—and the less focused on the task at hand you may soon find yourself. Performance in any area suffers when you’re not paying it full attention—which can be extremely dangerous on an assembly line, the road, or in front of a stove.

But you don’t have to erase all bad memories and avoid planning for the future to prevent distraction-created problems. You just have to train yourself to be able to concentrate on one task (thought) at a time—which does take planned and consistent practice—especially if you tend to check email ten times an hour.

Anchor Meditation + Benefits of Concentration

One method I recommend to improve concentration is anchor meditation. An anchor can be a mantra (word, phrase), a person, an image, even your breath. You start the meditation by focusing on your breathing and the chosen anchor. If your mind wanders, which it most often does by drifting into the past or the future—just bring it back to the here and now by refocusing on your anchor.

Even though it may take a while, and a good number of tries, this process will help you gain and maintain control of the thoughts and feelings that influence you in meditation and in daily life over time. Each time you reject a trespassing thought (trespassing because you should or want to be focused otherwise at the time) you disempower it’s influence over you—at least to a certain degree.

The more you consciously focus on your anchor, the less you will unconsciously focus on and be stressed by unwanted, trespassing thoughts in meditation. The more you reject unwanted, negative thoughts through your anchor meditations, mastery list prayer work, and Keys Quick Prayers on the go, the more peaceful, positive, precise, and capable of hearing the Voice of God within—will you be.

God's Protection is God's Direction
The Factors that Determine Health & Longevity

Blending your vibrations with a more positive, loving and God connected person, as occurs when working with many hands-on healers, and with all true Spiritual Masters, cannot help but strengthen and heal you, at least to some degree, at the time and over time.

But, even if God does provide you with a miraculous healing, or just with better health, whether directly or through a particular healer, it won’t be permanent unless and until all of the causes of the particular difficulty are mastered and karmically rebalanced… by you.

If Life Is a Spiritual School…

If life on Earth is really a school for spiritual growth, and an arena for karmic rebalancing through social interaction—there must be something important to learn in every difficult, unwanted physical, emotional, or financial challenge.

Until the relevant lesson is learned and the karmic mastery made, why would God remove the challenge—even in response to sincere and humble prayers? That’s why miraculous healing is the exception, not the the rule, on Earth.

Your life is a reflection of cause and effect over time. Your health challenges are an indication that something needs to change, that something very important must be learned, or that something not yet addressed, really needs to be ASAP.  Continue reading

Do All Right Things - Quote GraphicThe Benefits of Learning & Using Receivership

In my previous post, Receivership: Modern Day Prophecy for Us All,
I explained what Receivership is, why it is possible for anyone to learn it, and even noted some of the benefits. In this one, I elaborate on the benefit part…

The following is an overview of some of the very unique benefits that may be enjoyed by those who learn and use Receivership in their daily lives:

Experience Unity with God

Two are One when they affect the Universe in the exact same way at all times. To be One with God, you have to feel and do about yourself and others as God would have you feel and do—as God directs you to feel and do—at all times.

Always using Receivership to respond to your inner and outer lives is Re-At-One-Ment with God in action. It brings you closer to God with every life choice. Continue reading

God is an Equal Opportunity Guide and Teacher - Quote GraphicReceivership: Modern Day Prophecy for Us All

In The Keys to Reality Teachings, God’s First Commandment, “Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me,” means that the Creator wants to be the one we all turn to first for explanation and guidance about life.

Like any good parent, God wants to help us by influencing and guiding us, by being our number one source of information, by being our most important teacher and guide, here and now, directly from within.

Jesus said, “Ask so that you may Receive (God’s Help).” What greater help can there be on this planet than to be consciously and specifically taught and guided by God within you, step by step? Continue reading

Pray for the PlanetWhy You Should Pray for the Planet

Expressing your tendency to be generous through gift giving doesn’t remove that tendency from within you. Expressing your tendency towards anger by yelling and demeaning doesn’t remove that tendency from you either.

On the contrary, every time you repeat a tendency, it becomes an even stronger habit. Everything you put out comes back to you… because it never leaves you… it becomes you… and other people can feel it whether they see it or not.

Put two angry people together and you get two people who are each twice as angry as they would be alone. Each is being influenced by their own and by the other person’s anger. That is why people do negative things as part of a crowd, as part of a mob, that they would never do alone.

Since the energy within you can be felt by and often influences those around you, every tendency that you have to act in a particular way may eventually become a karmic magnet to attract like energy from others. Habits can and often do become magnets.

The Power of Group Energy

Put two positive people together and you get two people who are each more positive, and thus more willing and able to help themselves and others through prayer and action, than each would be alone.

Where many are joined, there is greater power to build and support, and to break down and destroy. It depends on the specific nature of the personality habits and the karmic magnets that those who are getting together carry. Continue reading

business-meeting-378412_1280How Keys Quick Prayers Make Daily Life Better

The Keys Quick Prayers are indeed quick—but they are also precise, powerful and karmically correct. They can help you resist and master all the stressors (lesser gods) of daily life—if you use them consistently.

These prayers can help you deal with any situation, condition, or relationship constructively—while stopping you from even starting to feel, act, or appear angry, vulnerable, resentful, impatient, overwhelmed, fearful and/or needy.

All Quick Prayers are short and easy to memorize; and at least one of them will be relevant to practically any situation and relationship that you are likely to face in a modern life.

Keep Yourself Moving in the Right Direction

When you respond with a Keys Quick Prayer instead of with an angry reply, a fearful escape, or a negative inner dialogue, you keep yourself moving in the right direction—emotionally, socially, and karmically. Continue reading

Let Go and Let God Fill YouHow to Stop Energy Drain

If you do physical, manual labor, your muscles, and your entire physical body, may tire over time. This is an obvious fact of life.

People with great strength and endurance can do the same amount of physical labor longer, while experiencing less fatigue, than people without great strength and endurance, all other things being the same.

Those who work efficiently and effectively do more than those who don’t. The above statements show that it’s not just physical work alone that causes fatigue. It is also how well-prepared you are to handle it.

All the above is obvious when it comes to physical labor; but less obvious, and just as true, when it comes to non-physical labor.

Care But Don’t Over-Care

Some people tire out just from worrying about all of the work they have to do that day. Your potential for energy drain is much greater when your work will be judged by people whose opinions you really care about. Continue reading