Living Happily Ever After Death?

Life After Death

Can We All Live Happily Ever After Death?

Some people believe that once you’re dead, you’re dead—and there is nothing else. These people often scoff at the notion of life after death; some will even challenge believers to “prove it.”

Near-death experience stories, although quite compelling, are explained away as the action of brain chemicals playing tricks. Among believers in Life After Death, few can actually agree on how it all works. Heaven? Reincarnation? Or..??

If You Believe…

If you logically expand on certain beliefs that believers almost universally accept about God, you cannot help but stay open to the possibility of Life After Death. If you believe that God is all there is, then we are all God.

If you believe that God is eternal, then we are all eternal; we all continue living on after physical death. We may not live forever in our physical bodies, but as Gods (Eternal Spirits) we must continue living on somewhere.

Can You Really Kill Yourself?

Even if a person hates himself and his life enough to commit suicide, he only kills his physical body, not his Spirit, since his Spirit never dies.

That individual (ghost?) just continues on as himself carrying all the same beliefs, memories, feelings, judgments, self-images, hurts, needs, fears, and karmic debts that he had while on Earth—but without the benefit of a physical body to touch, taste, speak through, dance with, and rebalance karma.

Teachers and Advertisers

What a present-day Spiritual Teacher often needs to do to convince students to accept a particular belief system is similar to what advertisers need to do to get customers to buy and use what they’re selling.

Advertisers claim that millions of people have already bought and benefited from their number one selling products and services.

Belief in some form of Life After Death has already been embraced by many millions of people over thousands of years on this planet, spreading throughout practically every single nation and culture.

Key Takeaway: Either Life After Death must be real, or the belief in Life After Death must be incredibly beneficial—or both—or that belief wouldn’t have had such world-wide acceptance throughout history to this very day.

Do People Really Believe?

Observation: Billions of Hindus and Buddhists believe in and live by the principles of karma and reincarnation.

Conclusion: Billions of Hindus and Buddhists believe in Life After Death.

Observation: Billions of Westerners believe in Heaven and Hell.

Conclusion: Billions of Westerners believe in Life After Death.

Observation: Ghost stories have spread throughout every culture on the planet; and have survived thousands of years in many forms, including in modern books and movies.

Conclusion: Everyone who believes in ghosts believes in Life After Death.

Observation: Billions of people routinely believe that their ancestors watch over them (Chinese, Japanese, Native Americans, and many other cultures).

Conclusion: People who believe that their ancestors watch over them also believe in Life After Death.

Logical Probabilities…

Observation: Some children are born healthier, stronger, smarter, happier, with safer genes, better living conditions, and more cared for by more careful parents, than others.

Conclusion: Either this is a Random Universe or Cause and Effect (what you have done to and believe about yourself and others) really does span lifetimes and there is Life After Death.

Observation: Some people seem to get away with doing very harmful things to others. Some caring, loving people suffer greatly for no apparent reason.

Conclusion: Either the Creator is an arbitrary God who punishes and rewards unfairly or Cause and Effect spans lifetimes and there is Life After Death.

Observation: There is no scientific proof that Life After Death exists; and there is no scientific proof that Life After Death does not exist.

Conclusion: There is no more logical reason to believe that there is no Life After Death than to believe that there is. A mistaken non-believer will suffer needless existential pain; a mistaken believer won’t be there to worry about it.

What About Jesus?

The most famous example of a belief in life after death surviving to this very day is the acceptance by millions and millions over thousands of years that Jesus, the Christ Consciousness, was resurrected.

If so, He must be living happily ever after death to this very day—in God’s Heavenly Kingdom of Higher Consciousness.

Since Jesus said, “that which I do, you shall do and more,” perhaps there is more to life than just what meets the eye—and we all have a real future in the Spirit World.

The arguments supporting the belief in Jesus having been resurrected have been put forth by many over time, often quite elegantly.

The most compelling and scientific of those that I have read was from Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “Life After Death – The Evidence,” which I highly recommend to all who are even slightly open to the possibilities.

Seeing Leads to Believing

Believing something intellectually and believing something with deep conviction, with every fiber of your being, are two very different perspectives.

The depth of acceptance that you have behind your beliefs determines how you will respond when faced with difficult circumstances.

Are you positive and spiritual only when things go your way—or even when you’re faced with adversity and uncertainty?

Neither reading the above observations and conclusions, nor reading about another person’s near-death experience, can have the same effect upon you as watching from above as doctors feverishly work to save your physical body.

Nor could reading about it have the same affect on you as—floating through a tunnel of Light and being told by Jesus (or by Grandma) that it’s not your time to go.

Near Death Changes You

People returning from these kinds of near-death experiences almost always report the loss of the fear of death; a greater interest in God and Spirituality; increased desire to help people; a tendency to take life easier; and a healthy respect for life in general.

They come back more peaceful, patient, loving and spiritual because of having a newly found deep acceptance of Life After Death.

What If You Knew…

How different would you be if you absolutely, positively knew, not wondered, thought, believed, or considered, but knew that there was Life After Death?

What would you do if you knew that God and all God’s Master Teachers were always trying to guide, comfort, help, and re-educate you for the real long term? Not only when you get to Heaven, but while you’re on Earth as well.

Would you care more about your looks, money, and status—or more about your masteries, relationships, karma, and Receivership skills?

Don’t wait to make Spiritual Growth your top priority. It’s the only investment that pays you dividends over lifetimes.

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