Key Beliefs 8-9

8. “I and My Father-Mother God Are One”

Jesus and God are One because Jesus always spoke and acted as so directed by God. He affected Himself and all those He touched (His Universe) as, and only as, God would have Him do so. Jesus never said or did anything that was not in the Will of the Creator no matter what the apparent cost.

Jesus knows God’s Will because He always encourages God to project God’s Thoughts into His mind. And so it was and must continue to be for all Spiritual Masters, no matter who and where they are, and what God gave them to teach.

If you never stop consulting with God within you throughout your daily life, you will always be One with Our Creator in God Consciousness, Awareness, Insight, and Right Action—in all realms of existence including Earth.

9. Everything You Put Out Comes Back…

Jesus said, “ask so that you may receive, knowing that before you’ve asked, it is done.” This means that God wants us all to ask for God’s Help, consistently, confidently, and not just on the big issues of life. Ask (put it out), so you may receive (so that it can come back to you).

If anything you put out comes back to you, everything you put out comes back to you; everything you think and feel about yourself and others creates for you in time because it can be felt by those around you and can therefore draw out like energy from them.

Put two angry people together in the same room and you get two people who are each twice as angry as they would be alone. That is why people do terrible things in crowds that they would never do alone.

Your thoughts and feelings don’t often manifest instantly as your experiences on Earth because most people carry positive and negative beliefs, feelings and expectations that cancel or at least delay each other’s manifestation at all times.

And other people are constantly putting out thoughts and feelings that may conflict with yours and thus delay or cancel their manifestation thereby. But, everything you have ever put out will create for you over time—unless you specifically negate and rebalance it all karmically first.

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