Key Beliefs 6-7

6. God Talks to Everyone through an Inner Voice

“Ask so that you may receive.” If God wants you to ask for a refrigerator, for a healing or for more money, wouldn’t God want you to ask for God’s Guidance and Explanation? God is a Loving Parent and a Spiritual Teacher.

God wants to help us feed and clothe ourselves, but God also wants us to do what is best for ourselves and all life—socially, emotionally, and karmically. That is why God’s Voice is within each and every one of us, reaching out to teach and guide us, whether we listen to or hear it or not.

Life is an Eternal Spiritual School. God is the one and only guaranteed reliable Source of Wisdom and Truth in it; which is why Receivership (direct, personal, verbal conversations with God within) should be more important to you than creating success, fame, fortune, and comfort in the physical. It is to God.

7. “Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me”

Anything or anyone that can influence you before and above the Voice of God within you can be said to be a lesser god influence upon you. Included in the lesser god influences that control you (and most people) are your plans, fears, needs, beliefs, limitations, habits, and authority figures.

Other lesser gods include: the people and things you are addicted to or cannot tolerate; the people and experiences you cannot forgive; and all the discarnate passenger personalities (earthbound spirits) who influence or control you in any way, at any time.

Every lesser god influence has a voice within you that competes with God’s Voice (and can affect your Receivership) whether you realize it or not. Did you listen to the Voice of God or the voice of fear when you skipped the interview?

Key Beliefs 8-9 

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