Key Beliefs 3-4-5

3. We Are All Eternal

If we are all God in a physical body, and God is Eternal, then we are all eternal. We may not live forever in our present physical bodies, but this is not a physical world. We are all Eternal Spirits living in physical bodies on this Earth planet.

It is the Spirit within the physical body that makes us Eternal, not the brains with which we do math; not the bodies in which we walk. To feel eternal, just live as if you will live forever, not by procrastinating, not by living dangerously, by making God’s priorities, your priorities, by becoming God Conscious.

You can get closer to your Inner God-Self by reaching out and connecting to the Voice of God within you. Do so and you will never be without Divine Comfort and Guidance wherever you are, whatever you do, no matter what happens.

4. God is a Spiritual Teacher and Parent

Either we are all here to amuse Our Creator or to learn something. If our lives are to have significance and meaning, this world must be a Spiritual School and God must be a Spiritual Teacher.

God wants to teach us all how to be the perfect companions for each other, and for God. God must also be a Loving, Patient Parent because God created us, and gave us the free-will to make the choices that either take care of God’s Home, or “mess it up,” all as part of the learning process.

5. The True Goal is “Re-At-One-Ment”

Re-At-One-Ment is to become one again with Our Creator. Two are one when they are identical, when they feel about and affect themselves, others, and the Universe, in the exact same way at all times.

You are One with God when you always think, speak, and act—as God would have you think, speak, and act—which only starts to happen after living as directed by God within you becomes your number one priority in Earth life.

And living as directed by God within you does not make you a robot. It makes you a conscious Co-Creator with the Creator Source of all life—someone who has direct conscious access to the Love, Wisdom, and Power of the Universe.

Key Beliefs 6-7

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