Key Beliefs 1-2

1. This is a Spiritual World

How can this world only be physical when physicists today measure it to be infinitely large and forever expanding? What is past the farthest star? What is beyond that?

Some “one-thing” must fill all physical space, and this “one-thing” must contain all physical things, otherwise if there is two, where does one start and the other end? What is beyond either of those two things?

Physicists measure distance in terms of time. The known, observable Universe is 13.8 billion light years in size. Einstein’s theory of relativity proves that even time itself is relative, that it is not constant in all possible physical situations.

Who or what was here before your father’s, mother’s, father’s, mother’s father? Who or what was here before them? When did it all start? Who or what started it? What happens after it all ends?

This “one-thing” that fills all space, and that contains all things, physical or otherwise, must be eternal—it, he, she, must have always been and always will be—or who and what came before? This “one-thing” must be First Cause.

If you’re only looking for answers with your physical eyes, and with your mortal mind, you must be missing a lot. No matter how or why it may appear physical, this is a Spiritual World; and all the answers must reside within and with God.

2. We Are All God

All those who have ever recognized the existence of that “one-thing” that must fill all space, that must contain all things, and that must be the First Cause, has referred to that “one-thing” by some form of the name, “God.”

As the “one-thing” that fills all physical space, and that contains all physical things, how can anything or anyone in the physical not be within God? And how can God not be within all those who are within God in the physical?

Since God is all there is, we are all God! Didn’t Jesus say, “that which you do unto the lowliest creature, you do unto Me”? And if Jesus (Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Mohammed, etc.) is God in a body, then we are all Gods in a body.

We may not always feel or act like Gods in a body—but Our Creator is not through with us yet in the physical—unless we make the free will choice to stop (or never to start) learning from God within us while we’re in the physical.

Key Beliefs 3-4-5

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