Key Belief 10

10. Your Life Contains Your Keys to Reality…

The Keys to Your Reality are all of the circumstances, situations, conditions, dreams, visions, thoughts, needs, fears, feelings, motivations, relationships, and habits that you experience, express, and respond to in life. They are your keys because they can tell you a lot about yourself, and about what your Divine Plan requires you to master and rebalance in this life.

To best utilize these keys, you must “ask so you may receive” Explanation and Guidance from God within you on how you should respond to them. For living without asking God for Explanation and Guidance, without Receivership, is like “Living the Illusion.” You can see what is happening, but you don’t know why or how best to handle it at the time.

Pre-packaged “one-size-fits-all” rules and laws, so decreed by religious or spiritual teachings that were introduced hundreds or thousands of years ago, cannot possibly precisely apply to each and every daily life challenge that most people face in this modern world. We are all individual souls with specific paths to mastery and karmic balance.

Only Specific, Spontaneous Guidance from God within you (Receivership) can help you handle a modern life in the very best way possible, with every choice, all the time. God’s Protection is God’s Direction. And God’s Provision is God’s Decision on what and how to create in each situation—step by step by step.

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