Key Beliefs

The Key Beliefs of The Keys Teachings

The Keys to Reality teaches that your life is your spiritual school and that we are all supposed to be spiritual students of the One Greater God by any name.

Although The Keys to Reality respects all religions and all spiritual disciplines, it emphasizes non-violence and that no beliefs are ever worth killing for.

The following is a list of ten basic Keys beliefs each of which links to a page that explains both why we teach it and how it benefits a beginning spiritual student.

  1. This is a Spiritual World

  2. We Are All God

  3. We Are All Eternal

  4. God is a Spiritual Teacher and Parent

  5. The True Goal is “Re-At-One-Ment”

  6. God Talks to Everyone through an Inner Voice”

  7. “Thou Shall Have No Other Gods before Me”

  8. I and My Father-Mother God Are One”

  9. Everything You Put Out Comes Back…

  10. Your Life Already Contains your Keys to Reality…

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