How to Stop Energy Drain

Let Go and Let God Fill YouHow to Stop Energy Drain

If you do physical, manual labor, your muscles, and your entire physical body, may tire over time. This is an obvious fact of life.

People with great strength and endurance can do the same amount of physical labor longer, while experiencing less fatigue, than people without great strength and endurance, all other things being the same.

Those who work efficiently and effectively do more than those who don’t. The above statements show that it’s not just physical work alone that causes fatigue. It is also how well-prepared you are to handle it.

All the above is obvious when it comes to physical labor; but less obvious, and just as true, when it comes to non-physical labor.

Care But Don’t Over-Care

Some people tire out just from worrying about all of the work they have to do that day. Your potential for energy drain is much greater when your work will be judged by people whose opinions you really care about.

Positive and confident people will generally suffer less stress, and thus less energy drain, than those who are filled with self-doubt, fear of failure and fear of rejection.

When you’re attached to results, you can easily become distracted by fearful, defensive, and self-conscious thoughts and feelings as you work—all of which diminishes your overall performance, clarity and energy levels at the time and over time.

Instead of mindfully focusing on all that you should be doing, part of your conscious mind gets pulled away from the task at hand by whatever negative-self-talk you may start doing at the time.

And if you don’t like what you’re doing in general, you’ll likely often find yourself drained by the obligations, pressures, and irritations of daily life.

Attachment Limits Results

Attachment to results is personal-self-will-control in action. You need things to go your way or you’re not content, secure, or positive. “My Will, not Thy Will.”

To live in personal-self-will-control, you must block reception of God’s Voice within you—which automatically blocks reception of God’s Energy Re-Supply from within you as well.

This forces you to function on your physical body’s energy alone and be subject to all of its limitations thereby.

That’s why being attached to results makes all you do more difficult and tiring than it would otherwise be. You’re trying to make everything in your life better—but without allowing God to help you do so.

But We All Do Get Tired

Theoretically, if God is the Creator and Source of all energy, and if we are all God(s) in a physical body, as the Keys Teachings suggest, no one should ever become physically tired for any reason.

But, we do get tired because we all do use our muscles to move things—and we all too often worry about what other people may think and say about us.

Practically every one of us is financially and socially attached to results, and thus we are living in personal-self-will-control.

And no one in personal-self-will-control has access to as much physical-life-force-energy as they would if living as directed by God within them.

Trespass Breeds Trespass

Another reason that living in personal-self-will-control drains your energy is because it causes you to trespass on others—physically by your actions—and psychically by your thought projections.

Since only God knows when kindness is cruelty and when cruelty is kindness, acting without God’s Guidance is practically the same as trying to control what you experience—and what all the other people around you experience as well.

By doing this, you are trespassing on their free will. Everyone in personal self-will-control is always trying to trespass on everyone else’s free will—whether they realize it, and want to, or not.

Because We All Project

Controlling actions are obvious, but we all also project our controlling thoughts and feelings out to the Universe around us as well. That’s why angry people do things in a crowd that they would never do alone.

They feel their own and other people’s projected angry thoughts and feelings and they act accordingly.

The above is why some people can drain you just by being their natural, martyred, depressed selves; while others can energize you simply by being their natural, upbeat, happy selves.

We all affect and influence, and are affected and influenced by, the energy of all those around us through projection—unless we have learned to seal ourselves off from all forms of psychic trespass.

How to Seal Yourself Off

You can only seal yourself off from trespass, and the energy drain that it creates, by no longer trespassing, by no longer living in personal-self-will-control.

To do so, you must surrender to God and consistently use Receivership to make all of your choices and decisions.

And, you must also become totally impersonal by no longer allowing yourself to be triggered by the actions, words, or the projected energy influence of anyone you interact with in life.

To become impersonal, you must master your need to judge, and thus master your need to change (control) anyone—even if they’re unfair, negative, and difficult to deal with and be around.

This doesn’t mean that you will never be asked by God to correct someone. It means that you should surrender to God through Receivership before reacting to and/or correcting anyone in any situation.

How You Surrender to God

Surrender to God, and the sealing off from trespass that it creates for you, can only be established and maintained step by step, decision by decision, choice by choice, relationship by relationship, throughout daily life over time.

It cannot be achieved and maintained by a one-time declaration of an intention—such as by embracing Jesus as Lord and Savior—or by asking God to blaze Divine White Light around you whenever you sense danger or negativity.

Though using Receivership to run your life is the ultimate form of Surrender to God, all of the following forms will help seal you off from trespass and energy drain, at least to some degree, if you do them consistently over time:

Surrender Meditation (both Guided and Solo at home)

Never allowing a day to go by without doing a Receivership, both at home and on the go

Having your Receivership monitored by an experienced Receivership Teacher (to insure that no personal-self-will-control gets back in)

Asking God to help you master and remove your lesser gods, including doing regular Mastery Prayer List Work on specific relevant lesser god lists

Asking God to take full and complete charge of you in general, sincerely, passionately and often

Fatigue Is a Control Issue

All the causes of physical fatigue that life and research has made obvious to most people—stress, fear, worry, irritation, anger, disillusionment, withdrawal, avoidance, self-pity, martyrism, depression, inability to cope, holding onto the past, fear of the future, etc—are control issues.

If you didn’t need to control what you do, don’t, or might experience—you would always be a good sport no matter what; and you would never feel any of the above lesser god feelings, at any time.

Discarnate Trespass Effects

Keys students are familiar with the belief that when you die, you get to choose to go through the Tunnel of Light into the Spirit World—or to stay focused on the Earth life without a physical body.

Those in surrender to God, choose the Spirit World. Most of those in personal-self-will-control choose to stay living on Earth by joining the physical bodies of those who are vulnerable to trespass.

They literally become discarnate passenger personalities in someone else’s body. They are earthbound spirits who become invisible to most people.

Discarnate passenger personalities have no physical energy of their own—so they survive by draining what they can from the physical bodies of all those who host them on Earth.

Discarnate trespass can affect your overall mental clarity; and it can also affect how you feel about yourself, others, God, and life in general. In fact, it can affect how others feel about you.

Just as being around other people on Earth can influence you, so does carrying discarnate passenger personalities influence you and all those around you.

Your passengers affect you and them and their passengers affect them and you. Consistent Surrender to God in all its forms is the only antidote for and protection against it.

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