The Wizard of OsmanIntroducing: “The Wizard of Osman, Words of Wonder and Wisdom.” Each Wizard of Osman post will be a short audio mp3 file of one question and answer that was spontaneously recorded in a private session with Allan Martin Osman.

All posts will have been authorized by each student-client asking the question. Some will be accompanied by relevant text; others will not. Below is the second of the series. Your questions, comments, and suggestions would be appreciated.

How Not to Be Immobilized by Daily Life Fatigue

This post was in response to a question posed by a spiritual student who has been avoiding doing what he has wanted and needed to do after work—both materially and spiritually—because of giving-in to daily life fatigue at home.

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The Keys to Reality Teachings were brought onto the planet by Allan's first wife and master teacher, now serving in the Spirit World, the Rev. Dr. Bernice Osman. Allan has studied and taught The Keys to Reality Teachings for over 35 years. Although Allan has a Psychology degree, he lives and counsels as directed by God within him through Receivership; and he helps others live and work that way as well.

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