How Keys Quick Prayers Make Daily Life Better

business-meeting-378412_1280How Keys Quick Prayers Make Daily Life Better

The Keys Quick Prayers are indeed quick—but they are also precise, powerful and karmically correct. They can help you resist and master all the stressors (lesser gods) of daily life—if you use them consistently.

These prayers can help you deal with any situation, condition, or relationship constructively—while stopping you from even starting to feel, act, or appear angry, vulnerable, resentful, impatient, overwhelmed, fearful and/or needy.

All Quick Prayers are short and easy to memorize; and at least one of them will be relevant to practically any situation and relationship that you are likely to face in a modern life.

Keep Yourself Moving in the Right Direction

When you respond with a Keys Quick Prayer instead of with an angry reply, a fearful escape, or a negative inner dialogue, you keep yourself moving in the right direction—emotionally, socially, and karmically.

The Keys Quick Prayers are the perfect companion to any and all self-help, self-improvement, and/or spiritual development programs.

As an example: You shouldn’t fear, judge or attack an angry person (even if that angry person is you). Instead…

1. Ask God to take charge of them (and/or of you)

2. Then ask God to remove the anger from them and/or you

3. Then ask God to replace it all with Divine Positive Energy

The above Keys Quick Prayer response might take you a full ten seconds or less.

When and How To Use Each One

The following is a list of the Keys Quick Prayers and their acronyms—with at least some of the conditions, relationships and situations for which you should use them:

Perfect Works (PW): the general, all-purpose prayer that asks God to intervene within a person or situation in a way that God knows is needed.

God Take Charge (GTC): asks for greater, immediate Divine Guidance and Control over a person(s) and/or situation as God knows is needed at the time or in general.

Perfect Health and Healing (PHH): asks God to remove or relieve pain, disease and/or disability from yourself and/or other people; and then return them to health as much as possible karmically.

Freedom and Forgiveness from the Past (FFP): declares the desire to forgive and be forgiven as God would designate—thereby to rebalance your karmic past and/or the karmic past of the other people you are focusing on.

Perfect Relating and Relationship (PRR): asks God to help two or more people to get along better—in God’s Most Perfect Way.

God’s Truth Be Revealed (TBR): asks God to reveal all that is really going on at the time in God’s Most Perfect Way and Time.

Make Your Busiest Times Karmically Uplifting

God’s Will Be Done (GWBD): declares the desire to surrender your control of a situation or relationship to God and create God’s Will therein.

God Seal Me (them, her) into Light (SIL): asks God to surround someone (or you) with positive energy and thus protect them from any form of trespass, lesser god influence, and/or harm of any kind.

Mercy Bands Assist (MBA): asks God to help all those who have died by having the Mercy Bands visit them. The Mercy Bands include the loved ones who died before the newly dead person and the appropriate Spiritual Master(s).

God’s Grace and Mercy (GGM): asks God to make it easier on a person “suffering” for any reason. Grace is earned by helping others in ways that are “beyond the call of duty.”

Precise Accountability (PA): asks God to correct those who seem to be acting selfishly, harmfully or counterproductively in any way. You can also do the same by taking them and yourself before the Lords of Karma (LOK).

Note: If you pray for someone to go before the Lords of Karma, you (in spirit form) must go as well and receive any kind of correction you may need.

Make Daily Life Easier and More Successful

Expansion of Time (EXP): asks God to help you get more done and/or travel further in less time.

Victorious Mastery (VM): asks God to help you (and/or others) to overcome any specific lesser god block, limitation and/or difficulty.

Effortless Transmuting (ET): asks God to help you (and/or others) to more comfortably requalify negative energy into positive energy.

Divine Impersonality (DI): asks God to help you (and/or others) to stop taking life experiences negatively or too personally. It helps you to let go of attachment to results and the need to control that attachment creates.

Perfect Performance (PP): asks God to help you do (perform) your best at a specific task.

Ascension and Freedom (AF): asks God to help a discarnate-earthbound spirit-personality to go through the Tunnel of Light back into the Spirit World for continued re-education (and thereby leave those living on Earth alone).

God Help Me Use My Time More Wisely

God Help Me (GHM): pass my tests; learn this material; remember where I put my keys; be patient with all those I meet.

God Show Me (GSM): how to make it work; why this is happening to me; how to help that person leave the past behind. It is the same as asking God to provide an “on-the-go” Receivership on the matter at the time.

God Give Me (GGV): faith, clarity, strength, patience, stamina, courage, insight, focus, concentration, endurance and more.

God Remove and Replace (GRR): my fear with more courage; their anger with peace; the family’s pain with comfort and patience.

san-francisco-709782_1280Creative Ways to Use Quick Prayers:

1. Master Your Stress: ask God to take charge of you (him, her, them, the situation) any time you find yourself starting to get stressed.

Just declare: Stop! Time Out! I don’t need to feel this way. God Take Charge! God Take Charge! God Take Charge! Repeat as many times as needed until you feel better.

2. Helpfully Observe: ask God to take charge of the situations and people around you that need help—even if you’re not involved in or with any of them.

Helpful Observation Examples:

“Perfect Works for that disabled car on the side of the road and for its passengers.”

“Perfect Healing for my friend Joe who just broke his arm.”

“Perfect Relating between Jim and Mary.”

3. Heal the News: ask God to take charge of and help all of the people and situations that you read about in the headlines.

4. Honor the Sirens: pray for God to Take Charge, and for Perfect Health and Healing, whenever you hear an ambulance siren or see any emergency vehicle or situation on the road.

5. Anchor and Carry the Light: by asking God to take charge of all the places you will visit, and all the people you will meet—before and as you are traveling—especially important when going there for the first time.

6. Do Movie Magic: whenever you see tragic situations, losses, suffering, hardship, violence, mistreatment, etc., portrayed in a film or on TV, ask God to take charge of, help, and heal all those who have ever experienced such in real life—either as a victim or as a perpetrator—whether in this or in a past life.

7. Witnessing a Tragedy: when you ask God to help a person suffering a tragic event, on Earth or on screen, also ask for freedom and forgiveness from the past for all involved; that all need to create or experience such be removed from the planet and all human-kind, incarnate and discarnate, to be returned as Divine White Light Positive Energy in God’s Most Perfect Way over time.

Some Additional Points:

Memorizing all of the Keys Quick Prayers will make it easier for you to help yourself and others master lesser gods, and rebalance karmic debts, during normal daily life.

Memorizing the acronyms will make it easier to write lists to use in Meetings, Counseling Sessions, and Emails.

For a better life, don’t let the people and events of the world change you. Change them for the better by always remembering to use the Keys Quick Prayers—as a way of life.

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