God Doesn’t Want You to Predict the Future

God doesn't want you to predict the futureGod Doesn’t Want You to Predict the Future

If God wanted a predictable world, why would we all have real free will—and enough self-awareness as an individual to use it? God wants us all to become the best people and companions we can be for each other—and for God. And God also wants us all to use our own free will—to create a better world—for all.

Those who predict the future always need to be right—either in order to feel safe and secure; or in order to gain the attention and notoriety that they seek. But, even the best of all those who predict for profit, such as expert gamblers, investors, psychics, are hardly ever right in more than half of their predictions.

Is Predicting the Future Even Possible?

To accurately predict the future of a particular situation, you would have to know whether someone who is involved, or will be involved, will change their minds on the way to the final outcome—and who will influence who to do what differently—which may be easy to guess, but practically impossible to know.

For if one aspect of human nature is obvious—it is that we all can be easily influenced to change our minds from time to time. Thus, no one should really expect to be able to correctly predict anything that involves other people all the time. You can study human nature, and thus become a good guesser, but even the best guessers only hit the jackpot once in a while.

All the above is why only relatively short-term predictions are really possible, “This will happen if John doesn’t change his mind before next Monday.” It is also why long-term predictions, such as all those made by Nostradamus, would be so incredibly unlikely to come true.

After all, the overall long-term future of the planet depends upon the free-will choices of billions of people, each making hundreds of choices every single day, year after year after year.

The Real Spiritual Mastery in Earth Life

The real Spiritual Mastery in Earth life is surrender to God—not predicting the future—which has nothing to do with surrender to God—or with becoming a better person on Earth.

To surrender control, you have to become okay with not knowing the future; and then just continue to ask God to help you create a better one, for yourself and others, step-by-step-by-step.

Since people change their minds from time to time, God’s Will changes when they make decisions that affect what is possible for them. God won’t punish you if your original Divine Plan was to become a teacher and you choose to become a banker (or vice-versa).

Your specific lessons, and the paths you must take to learn them, may change. But the goal of becoming a better person will remain; and God will adjust the Divine Guidance that you will receive (if you ask for it) accordingly. For God is a very flexible, as well as Loving, Parent and Teacher.

Can Psychics Actually Predict the Future?

Some people are born psychic, that is, they are born with a gift of extra-sensory perception (ESP) as part of their Divine Plan. Others study how to read people through various methods, and for various reasons. Still others may be born with ESP, and they learn how to read people as well.

Those born with the gift are supposed to learn how to use it to become better people; and to help others become better people as well. If used wisely, such a gift could help you lead a meaningful and fulfilling life, as you improve your karma along the way.

If used unfairly or unethically, it becomes a tool that can get you in trouble, socially and karmically—a tool you are likely to lose in time. For using your gift from God selfishly can open you up to psychic trespass from those who have the same selfish motivations as you do.

We All Project Our Thoughts, Feelings, and Images

Some psychics actually do receive information directly from God within them, at least from time to time. Others just read your mind, in the sense of being able to perceive the thoughts that every one of us projects into the Universe around us, at all times.

Put two angry people in the same room and each are twice as angry as either would be alone. That’s why people do terrible things in crowds that they would never do by themselves. They all feel their own anger, and the projected anger of those around them, and act accordingly.

All the above is also why psychics can read your mind. They can tell you what your boyfriend looks like because you know; and you unconsciously project his image. They can tell you what you are worried about for the same reasons.

But even if they try, they cannot actually predict the future for all the reasons explained above. They can guess. They can support you. Some may even have some good advice. But the best advice comes from God through Receivership.

A Gift and an Opportunity

Just like Mozart’s gift of being born with off-the-chart musical abilities, and just like the gift of being born smarter, healthier, or in better life circumstances than most other people—being born with actual ESP, with a sensitivity that allows you to be more perceptive than most, is a gift; a gift that no one is born with in every lifetime.

But it is also a focus for mastery. What will you do with that gift? Will you selfishly seek to become rich and famous, and world-renown for your bold predictions? Or will you use your gift to teach and counsel; and to actively support making Earth life better for all—and especially for the less fortunate?

Will your gift make you just assume that you are always right? Or will it inspire you to connect to God within you for help with mastering all the lesser gods of Earth life—and thereby make your gift into a precise, accurate, Crystal Clear Receivership of the Voice of God within you over time?

One Final Note: You don’t have to be psychic to develop your Receivership. You just have to want it; and then work at it as a major priority in your life. After all, you can only, and you must, take your consciousness with you.

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