You Can’t Point a Mind that Cannot Be One-Pointed

You Can't Point a Mind that Cannot Be One-Pointed
You Can’t Point a Mind that Cannot Be Pointed

A modern multitasking lifestyle is a large challenge for anyone who wants to be able to focus on one task at a time. Being mindful, and thus staying in the here and now as needed, can be practically impossible for a busy person—let alone for someone who also regrets the past and/or worries about the future at times.

The more you regret, the more you worry, the more stressed and distracted you become—and the less focused on the task at hand you may soon find yourself. Performance in any area suffers when you’re not paying it full attention—which can be extremely dangerous on an assembly line, the road, or in front of a stove. Continue reading “You Can’t Point a Mind that Cannot Be One-Pointed”

Does God Exist?

The More You Focus
Does God Exist?

A man went to a barbershop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work, they began to have a good conversation. They talked about so many things and various subjects.

When they eventually touched on the subject of God, the barber said: “I don’t believe that God exists.”

“Why do you say that?” asked the customer. Continue reading “Does God Exist?”