Why You Should Pray for the Planet

Pray for the PlanetWhy You Should Pray for the Planet

Expressing your tendency to be generous through gift giving doesn’t remove that tendency from within you. Expressing your tendency towards anger by yelling and demeaning doesn’t remove that tendency from you either.

On the contrary, every time you repeat a tendency, it becomes an even stronger habit. Everything you put out comes back to you… because it never leaves you… it becomes you… and other people can feel it whether they see it or not. Continue reading “Why You Should Pray for the Planet”

An Apology Is When…

An Apology Is When You've Stopped Doing It - Quote GraphicAn Apology is When You Stop…

When a criminal investigator sees signs of guilt in a suspect, he will often press for a confession by saying something like: “I know you are a good person who did something wrong; and you really want to make it right.” “If you confess, you’ll feel better and the court will go easier on you.

Showing real remorse does influence sentencing. The sincerity of a confession is almost always taken into account by prosecutors and judges. Continue reading “An Apology Is When…”