Since All the World is Actually a Stage

Actions Program You More Strongly Than WordsSince the World Is a Stage, Don’t Let Fear Win

If you want to be brave, and be seen as such, you must act bravely—even if you don’t feel it inside at the time. If you want brave (cool, patient, flexible, caring, supportive) to become your relating style and reputation, you should ask God to help you become so, but you should also prepare yourself through study and practice, at home and away.

Even if you’re facing fears that have gotten the better of you in the past, fear of public speaking, fear of asking for a date, fear of meeting new people, with the right body language, facial expressions, and confident, friendly manner, you’ll make a positive, if not perfect, first impression, as you try to stretch yourself beyond those limitations.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

How you present yourself, whether warm or cold, present or distant, confident or self-conscious, is how you will be seen by those you meet for the first time. Even without you saying a word, your first impression will then become your backstory—who you are until you prove differently. Continue reading “Since All the World is Actually a Stage”

You Can’t Kill Your Way to Heaven

You Can't Kill Your Way to Heaven
You Can’t Kill Your Way to Heaven

There is never a time when killing can earn you a trip to any kind of Heaven. Killing is only legally and karmically defensible when it’s for self-defense or defense of others; and even then, only as a last resort.

Karmic responsibility is inescapable, even if it isn’t always immediate. All that you do becomes part of you. It becomes your inner energy that is eventually felt by those around you, whether they and you realize it or not. Continue reading “You Can’t Kill Your Way to Heaven”

The Benefits of Learning and Using Receivership

Do All Right Things - Quote GraphicThe Benefits of Learning & Using Receivership

In my previous post, Receivership: Modern Day Prophecy for Us All,
I explained what Receivership is, why it is possible for anyone to learn it, and even noted some of the benefits. In this one, I elaborate on the benefit part…

The following is an overview of some of the very unique, long-term benefits that may be enjoyed by those who learn and use Receivership in their daily lives: Continue reading “The Benefits of Learning and Using Receivership”