Surrender is When Prayers are Answered

Surrender is When Prayers are AnsweredSurrender is When Prayers are Answered

If the only voice you’re listening to is your own, you’ll always be limited by your present limitations; which is why you can’t really change your life for the better without at least one, enlightened, trustworthy source of guidance and direction.

When you pray, you are wisely asking God to be that beneficial source. But how can you expect God to help you score a goal (or all your goals) for you—if you don’t hand over control—if you don’t give God the ball and let God call all the plays—if you don’t gratefully Co-Create with the Creator Source of all life? Continue reading “Surrender is When Prayers are Answered”

You Can’t Point a Mind that Cannot Be One-Pointed

You Can't Point a Mind that Cannot Be One-Pointed
You Can’t Point a Mind that Cannot Be Pointed

A modern multitasking lifestyle is a large challenge for anyone who wants to be able to focus on one task at a time. Being mindful, and thus staying in the here and now as needed, can be practically impossible for a busy person—let alone for someone who also regrets the past and/or worries about the future at times.

The more you regret, the more you worry, the more stressed and distracted you become—and the less focused on the task at hand you may soon find yourself. Performance in any area suffers when you’re not paying it full attention—which can be extremely dangerous on an assembly line, the road, or in front of a stove. Continue reading “You Can’t Point a Mind that Cannot Be One-Pointed”

The Many Factors that Determine Health and Longevity

God's Protection is God's Direction
The Factors that Determine Health & Longevity

Blending your vibrations with a more positive, loving and God connected person, as occurs when working with many hands-on healers, and with all true Spiritual Masters, cannot help but strengthen and heal you, at least to some degree, at the time and over time.

But, even if God does provide you with a miraculous healing, or just with better health, whether directly or through a particular healer, it won’t be permanent unless and until all of the causes of the particular difficulty are mastered and karmically rebalanced… by you. Continue reading “The Many Factors that Determine Health and Longevity”

The Benefits of Learning and Using Receivership

Do All Right Things - Quote GraphicThe Benefits of Learning & Using Receivership

In my previous post, Receivership: Modern Day Prophecy for Us All,
I explained what Receivership is, why it is possible for anyone to learn it, and even noted some of the benefits. In this one, I elaborate on the benefit part…

The following is an overview of some of the very unique, long-term benefits that may be enjoyed by those who learn and use Receivership in their daily lives: Continue reading “The Benefits of Learning and Using Receivership”

Receivership: Modern Day Prophecy for Us All

God is an Equal Opportunity Guide and Teacher - Quote GraphicReceivership: Modern Day Prophecy for Us All

In The Keys to Reality Teachings, God’s First Commandment, “Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me,” means that the Creator wants to be the one we all turn to first for explanation and guidance about life.

Like any good parent, God wants to help us by influencing and guiding us, by being our number one source of information, by being our most important teacher and guide, here and now, directly from within. Continue reading “Receivership: Modern Day Prophecy for Us All”