About Allan

Spiritual Teacher Life Counselor based in Las Vegas
About Allan:

Allan believes in a Patient, Loving, Non-Judgmental Infinite Father-Mother God who is Universal in Nature; who actively seeks to Comfort, Teach, Guide and Support each and everyone on the planet—no matter who they are, no matter what they believe, and no matter what they have ever done.

Allan is a Spiritual Teacher, a Practical Life Counselor, a Stress Relief Specialist, and a Universal Life Minister. Although he has a Psychology degree, Allan lives and counsels as directed by God within him—and he helps others live and work as directed by God within them as well.

Allan offers private session work by phone, Skype, and through email. His work is based on The Keys to Reality Teachings which were brought onto the planet by Allan’s first wife and master teacher, the Rev. Dr. Bernice Osman. 

Allan has studied and taught The Keys to Reality Teachings for over 40 years. He will be sharing these teachings by both posting on The Keys Insight Blog and responding to all relevant questions and comments as often as possible.

Allan has studied:

Yoga at the Ananda Marga Yoga Society in Eugene, Oregon (1972)

Zen Buddhism at the New York Zen Center with Suzuki Roshi (1973)

The Intensive Program at the Arica Institute for Metaphysical Studies in Los Angeles (1974)

The Universal Life Church Doctor of Divinity (1979) and SOUL Clinic Pastoral Counseling Programs (2010)

The Keys to Reality Teachings with his Spiritual Master Teacher – the Rev. Dr. Bernice Osman (1974-1990)

The Master Hypnotherapy Program at the American Academy of Hypnosis in Las Vegas (1999)

The HeartMath® One on One Provider Licensing Program (Stress Relief Program) (2003)

Psychology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (BA 2009; graduated Summa Cum Laude)

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