Lady Master Bernice Holiday Spirit Par ExcellenceLiving The Christmas-Holiday Spirit

The Christmas Holiday Spirit is traditionally motivated by the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In other words, everybody be nice to everybody.

During the holiday season, most people express that spirit by being as kind and as generous as they can to everyone they know and/or interact with—often no matter how those other people are or have been with and to them in the past.

Some Holiday Spirited people say “Merry Christmas” (or “Happy Holidays”) to everyone they pass on the street, including strangers. Many even find the time to pray for the benefit of all humankind (“Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all”)

Certainly the holiday season can and often does bring out the best in people. Even the “grumpy” can be found to be less grumpy, at least at times and for a while, during this time of year. We’ve all likely experienced it that way at times.

Unfortunately, the holiday season, and thus the Holiday Spirit, only lasts for a little over a month each year. After that, most of us just return to our normal, habitual, often vulnerable and defensive, everyday ways of living and relating.

In fact, some people are so stuck in their habitual ways that instead of allowing themselves to enjoy the holidays, they begin comparing their material and/or social lives and become martyred, depressed, resentful, and even angry thereby.

‘Tis the Season for Unconditional Love for All

The Christmas Holiday Season Spirit is actually supposed to inspire us all to express Unconditional Love and Compassion for all—which means for those of every religion, race, nationality, gender, and wealth level, not just for our own.

After all, if God created the world, and thus created everyone in it, and God doesn’t make mistakes, how can anyone diminish, belittle, exclude, or persecute anyone or any group solely due to their birth conditions, life circumstances, or genetic heritage?

You are how you treat yourself and others, individual by individual. That’s how karma works and how social interactions should also work—unconditionally, without preconceived group bias, blame, or perceived self-superiority. No one should judge any large group (race, religion, nationality, political party, etc.), because of having been mistreated by one or more bad actors therein.

And this Unconditional Love and Compassion for all humankind that we all should allow ourselves to feel for others would not be complete until you accept that you’re worthy of it as well.

All the above is why my Spiritual Master Teacher Bernice strongly emphasized that comparison is death. Comparison has the power to keep you from enjoying what you do have in life—because it has the power to make you reject yourself.

Self-rejection has the power to cause you to sabotage your future through the kind of self-destructive-self-indulgent behaviors that make bad things worse; and that alienates others—while increasing your negative karmic debt along the way.

The Foolish Irony of Comparison

Ironically, most people compare with those who seem to have it better or easier in life, but they almost never compare with those less fortunate. Since some people are grateful and gracious while having very little; and others are selfish and self-centered while having way more than enough, it is never the amount you have, it is your attitude, that tells you (and others) who you are.

The life of Jesus, the Christ Consciousness, was one of the greatest examples of maintaining the Holiday Spirit no matter what happens. Jesus maintained His Love for God and all life—even though He experienced discredit, persecution, betrayal, crucifixion, and execution, through no fault of His own.

Jesus was even able to love and forgive those who taunted, tormented, and tortured Him. He saw God in everyone even though many were expressing less than pure motivations and actions in their lives; and specifically towards Him.“That which you do unto the lowliest creature, you do unto Me.” Jesus treated everyone as a Child of God—whether misguided, selfish, cruel, or not.

And treating someone like a Child of God doesn’t mean to automatically give them what they want. It means ask God, your and their Parent, what each individual truly needs from you at the time and in that particular situation. Only God knows what is best for each of us on this planet at all times. And there may be times when God has you deliver a hard lesson, but that would only occur if they really needed it for their own karmic benefit and spiritual growth.

So the golden rule should actually read: “Do unto others as God would have you do”… which is to respond to everything and everyone in your life as you’re directed by God within you through Receivership. By doing so, you will be like Jesus, and thus become God’s Agent in the physical as Jesus was and still is.

Forgiveness Doesn't Free Them, It Frees You

Forgiveness Is Freedom from Your Karmic Past…

In it’s highest form, the Christmas Holiday Spirit is to not only honor Jesus, but to be like Jesus, whatever your beliefs and your religious heritage. Jesus forgave all those who turned against Him. Forgiveness may be difficult for most people, but it is not impossible; and it is incredibly important karmically.

It is manifested by resisting the temptation to automatically judge, begrudge, and retaliate; and by doing a Receivership (ask God within you for Divine Guidance) on how to handle it all instead. Your forgiveness is demonstrated tangibly by responding with a Receivership instead of automatically giving them a dose of their own treatment.

Forgiveness, turning the other cheek, doesn’t mean leaving your cheek out there to be slapped again. And it doesn’t mean that you may not continue to avoid and separate yourself from those who’ve hurt you. But it does mean that you don’t and won’t consciously seek to hurt anyone else because of pain from your past.

If they’ve mistreated you, your forgiveness doesn’t free them from their karma. It frees you from yours. It stops you from wanting the worst for another person, which is not healthy or karmically beneficial for anyone. Let he or she who is without sin (error) over all lifetimes (or even from this one) throw the first stone. If that rule was in effect on Earth, no stones would ever leave the ground.

To be like Jesus, always do your best to seek to influence and affect yourself and others as directed by God within you, in all your thoughts, words, and actions. Such is God’s Will for us all. And it is God’s Way—which should also be the way of every student and Child of God—which is what we all are and always will be.

The Wizard of OsmanIntroducing: “The Wizard of Osman, Words of Wonder and Wisdom.” Each Wizard of Osman post will be a short audio mp3 file of one question and answer that was spontaneously recorded in a private session with Allan Martin Osman.

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How Not to Be Immobilized by Daily Life Fatigue

This post was in response to a question posed by a spiritual student who has been avoiding doing what he has wanted and needed to do after work—both materially and spiritually—because of giving-in to daily life fatigue at home.

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The Wizard of Osman Q&AIntroducing: “The Wizard of Osman, Words of Wonder and Wisdom.” Each Wizard of Osman post will be a short audio mp3 file of one question and answer that was spontaneously recorded in a private session with Allan Martin Osman.

All posts will have been authorized by each student-client asking the question. Some will be accompanied by relevant text; others will not. Below is the first of the series. Your comments on the format and presentation will be appreciated.

Coping with the Fear of Negative Changes

This post was in response to a question posed by a student who was worrying about the impact of the changes she expects to be made by the incoming Trump Administration. The answer is not meant to be any kind of political statement.

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You Have to Ask the Right QuestionsYou Have to Ask the Right Questions

You have to ask the right questions to get the right answers—from God or from anyone else. And you can’t get the right answers for questions you never ask.

The above is why my Master Spiritual Teacher, the Rev. Dr. Bernice Osman, always emphasized that asking God all the right questions—is as important as receiving all the right answers.

Praying for what you want in life is not surrender to God—unless what you want is to always do God’s Will—and to always help others do God’s Will as well.

But you can’t do God’s Will unless you know what it is—in each and every situation and relationship you encounter—which is why the Keys Teachings emphasize learning and doing daily Receivership.

Double Checking Down the Road is Highly Recommended

It is also why the Keys Teachings tells you that you can’t just set and forget a long range goal that you receive to pursue. On the contrary, double checking down the road is always advisable because people do change their minds; and what was right before may not still be so right given the present circumstances.

For only God within you actually knows the bigger picture at all times. And only God knows when kindness is cruelty and cruelty is kindness at any given time; and relative to any given person you may encounter. And only God knows when people change their minds—which they sometimes do without warning.

So when it comes to prayer, only doing prayers received from God within you at the time—is actual surrender to God.

Only such prayers carry the full power of God behind them; because God can’t score a goal for you, if you don’t give God the ball, and let God call all the plays.

All of the above does not mean that you shouldn’t pray for what you want. But when you do, it’s better to add: “in accord with God’s Will,” because you may not realize that what you’re praying for—is not really good for you at the time.

Your Mission is to Find and Stay on the Right Path

Only wanting and doing as directed by God within you keeps you on the right path to making all of your masteries, to rebalancing all of your karmic debts, and to improving all of your relationships, step-by-step-by step, over time.

Two are one when they only and always affect themselves and others in the exact same way. You are One with God within you when you allow yourself to be guided by God through Receivership, day after day, decision after decision.

Living your life as directed by God within through Receivership is the only way to amplify God’s Power to Create working through you, day after day. Thus it is the only way to become and stay an Empowered Agent of God in the physical.

Since God helps all those who help themselves, and God wants you to ask so you may receive, God helps all those who ask—and especially helps when you ask the questions that God wants you to ask. That’s why surrendering to God through Receivership is always the right and most powerfully beneficial answer.

The Most Important FreedomThe Most Important Free-Will Choice

No one likes to be told what to do all the time. Even those who happily trade independence for being taken care of—don’t want all their daily life decisions made for them. We all tend to either aggressively or passively resist giving up control—unless it is absolutely necessary at a given time.

Anyone who has ever been totally controlled in life—by an overly strict parent, an unfair boss, a domineering spouse, etc., has very likely developed a strong conscious or unconscious resistance to taking orders in general.

The above is why most people would define the word freedom as the ability to make all your decisions yourself—whether that ability was created by gaining great wealth and power (your own or through another person); by automatic rebellion against authority; or by withdrawing into isolation on a mountain top.

Why Commitments Can Be So Hard to Make

The above is why many people find commitments so hard to make and/or keep. It feels like restriction and loss of freedom; as is often felt when a person is told that they should or have to do something—like get married; go on a diet; keep a schedule—and especially stop the habits that they may still be enjoying at times. Continue reading

Preventive Medicine is BetterPreventive Medicine: If You Skip, You Slip

You can’t be anxious and relaxed at the same time. You can’t be stressed and peaceful at the same time. And relaxed and peaceful almost always handles everything and everyone better than anxious and stressed does.

Ask your significant other, your family, your friends, your employers, your employees, your co-workers, or your teammates, etc. They’ll all tell you, of course, unless they’re afraid of you.

If you’re easily pulled from your positive center by outside events, your stress levels must be much higher than they should be; and thus they can negatively affect your health, your performance, and your relationships, over time.

If you just can’t turn your mind off and relax—even when you’re far away from those difficult situations and relationships—you have an even bigger challenge for your overall peace, health, and happiness over time. Continue reading

It's As Important to Know When You're Not
Is it God or a lesser god?

The Keys Teachings believe that prophecy (hearing God’s voice from within), which it calls Receivership, is not reserved for a chosen few. The Keys teaches that Receivership is for all those who ask and expect God to answer verbally.

But most people have spent their entire lives believing that God is too busy, or that they are too insignificant, for God to talk to them directly about their daily choices and decisions—so they never actually ask for specific, verbal guidance.

They may pray for their lives to change for the better, but they will practically never ask for specific, step-by-step guidance to help make it happen.

Most of those who do ask and expect an answer from God, don’t expect it to come verbally. So they just look for a significant sign or feeling that they can interpret as God’s Guidance; and then they follow it and hope for the best.

The Keys Teachings believe that God does take an active interest in our daily lives—because God wants to help us become and stay the best companions we can be for each other, and for God. Continue reading

You Can't Move Forward without Taking a RiskHow to Master Performance Fears

One of the main jobs our brain has been tasked with is to keep us alive. That is why practically everyone was born with the ability to feel fear. Those who walk around this planet without being able to recognize danger aren’t going to be walking around it for very long.

The above is why it makes perfect biological sense that every sane person would automatically feel fear when being locked in a cage with a hungry tiger. The fear triggers the fight or flight response which creates physical changes that prepare you to save your life. Your brain controls all that, not your mind.

But your brain was not given the job of protecting your emotional self-image. Brains are physical. They can’t get insulted, nor do they fear rejection. It is the mind, the spirit, the person inside the body that does. The mind can affect the brain when it is upset, just as the brain can affect the mind and body when it is “upset”— which is when the brain senses pain or physical vulnerability.

And Then the Mind Tells the Brain

But, it is only the self, the person inside the body vehicle, who can be made to feel vulnerable by social situation created—self-image concerns. It is the mind that tells the brain, “We’ve got to get out of here” when social-self-image fears are triggered (i.e.: failure, rejection, embarrassment, humiliation). Continue reading

God doesn't want you to predict the futureGod Doesn’t Want You to Predict the Future

If God wanted a predictable world, why would we all have real free will—and enough self-awareness as an individual to use it? God wants us all to become the best people and companions we can be for each other—and for God. And God also wants us all to use our own free will—to create a better world—for all.

Those who predict the future always need to be right—either in order to feel safe and secure; or in order to gain the attention and notoriety that they seek. But, even the best of all those who predict for profit, such as expert gamblers, investors, psychics, are hardly ever right in more than half of their predictions.

Is Predicting the Future Even Possible?

To accurately predict the future of a particular situation, you would have to know whether someone who is involved, or will be involved, will change their minds on the way to the final outcome—and who will influence who to do what differently—which may be easy to guess, but practically impossible to know. Continue reading

Actions Program You More Strongly Than WordsSince the World Is a Stage, Don’t Let Fear Win

If you want to be brave, and be seen as such, you must act bravely—even if you don’t feel it inside at the time. If you want brave (cool, patient, flexible, caring, supportive) to become your relating style and reputation, you should ask God to help you become so, but you should also prepare yourself through study and practice, at home and away.

Even if you’re facing fears that have gotten the better of you in the past, fear of public speaking, fear of asking for a date, fear of meeting new people, with the right body language, facial expressions, and confident, friendly manner, you’ll make a positive, if not perfect, first impression, as you try to stretch yourself beyond those limitations.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

How you present yourself, whether warm or cold, present or distant, confident or self-conscious, is how you will be seen by those you meet for the first time. Even without you saying a word, your first impression will then become your backstory—who you are until you prove differently. Continue reading